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    The subscribe forms create a static and privacy safe form connected with supported service to receive new users inside your mailing list. 

    The list of integrated services include:

    • Mailchimp
    • GetResponse
    • Mailster
    • Mailpoet
    • ActiveCampaign
    • CampaignMonitor
    • SendInBlue
    • Mad Mimi
    • Conversio
    • Jetpack Subscriptions
    • FluentCRM
    • Axelle Email Marketing

    General Setup

    To enable the usage of forms on your site, you should do the initial setup and connect the plugin with the service you will use. To do this go to the Subscribe Forms menu.


    Global Settings

    • Mailing List Service – select the service from the list of supported. Don’t forget that when you choose the service you will use a new panel at the bottom will appear with the required for connection fields.
    • Enable widget & shortcode – if you wish to use the subscribe forms widget and shortcode set this option to Yes.
    • Always load subscribe form styles – the default method of style loading for the forms is when needed. With this mode on pages where forms are not used styles won’t be loaded. But if you see a problem like the blinking of the design enable this option to set up early style loading.
    • Track Subscribe Forms Conversion – a simplified stat showing a conversion report between form appearance and success subscriptions. If enabled the report will appear in a new menu inside plugin called Conversions Reports.

    Redirect On Successful Subscribe

    The option is made to redirect after successful subscribe to a thank you page. If you wish to use that fill the URL in the field. Optionally you can open the link in a new window. The link may be part of your site, but not required – you can use any link.

    Additional Form Settings

    The additional form settings include the option to make the name field required. The option if enabled will work only when you configure a design that shows the name field. You can also specify own error message (example on your language if not English).

    Add ReCaptcha Protection To Subscribe Forms

    This is experimental support added for Google ReCaptcha. If you enable the option on each form plugin will include ReCaptcha v2 validation. To use the option you need to enable the API in your Google account and generate the required keys.

    Include Agree To Terms Confirmation (GDPR Recommended)

    This option will include an agreement to terms check in the form. If set to Yes, the user should agree to terms before being able to subscribe. The option is recommended for usage in the EU due to the GDRP regulation.

    • Include I agree to terms confirmation – should be set to Yes to see the box.
    • Text appearing next to the confirmation check – this is the text that will appear next to the option. Example: I agree with terms.
    • Link confirmation text to a page – optional you can link the text to the check with terms and privacy page. If so paste the full URL here.
    • Error message if the confirmation option is not set – set up a custom error message if the check is not marked for terms agree.
    • Forward confirmation status to the mailing list – supported by MailChimp, GetReponse, MailPoet, ActiveCampaign, CampaignMonitor, SendInBlue only. You can fill a list parameter ID where the plugin will send text Yes if the box is checked. This will help you track inside your list the user confirmation too.
    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.