How to enable or disable additional plugin features using the Activate/Deactivate Features function

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    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is an all-in-one social media plugin. You have more than just share buttons in one place. You also have social followers counter, profile links, live chat, Instagram feed, proof notifications, Pinterest images, etc. 

    But you may not need all of them. In this case, you can just disable the features you don’t need (or enable those that are not available by default).

    When you access the plugin settings you will find at the top bar direct access to all of the features. You will see next to the button the active features from the all.

    When you press the access button you will see the list of features. When you do a change do not forget to press the Save button.

    What do different states of function mean?

    The feature is not active (not running)
    The feature is active (running)


    Sharing Features

    Avoid Negative Social Proof

    The feature helps you hide the share counter till a specific value of shares is reached. For example, you can set up your share counters to appear if the post has at least 1, 10, 100, or whatever value you set (for the individual and total shares separately).

    How to use the avoid negative proof feature

    Social Shares Recovery

    Share counter recovery allows you to restore back shares once you make a permalink change (including installing an SSL certificate). Share recovery will show back shares only if they are present for both versions of the URL (before and after change).

    How to work with share recovery

    Fake Share Counters

    The fake option offers you the ability to increase your share counter values (fake) with a multiplier. You can also integrate the internal counter values together with the official and show the biggest to the visitor.

    How to work with fake counter options

    Expert Share Counter Options

    This is a group of advanced counter update options and functions. Usually, they are not used by regular users. One of the key functions is the counter update logging which helps identify potential update problems. You can find more about it in the link below.

    How to work with expert counter options

    Sharable Quotes

    Add beautiful call to action boxes that can share directly with Twitter (a.k.a. Click-to-Tweet). Those boxes you can add manually using the block editor, Elementor builder, or shortcode. This function does not affect the Tweet customization in the share buttons.

    How to configure and use Click-to-Tweet (Sharable Quotes)

    After Share Events

    The after-share events are a group of actions that will start after the share command. To respect user privacy and due to social network limitations, the after-share events do not track the entire share process – the function track if the share window opens and stays for a while. If so on the close the event will run.

    More about usage and setup of After Share Events

    Share Optimizations

    Enables generation of social media optimization tags, including Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards. If those tags are already generated by your SEO plugin you can disable the function. Otherwise, it is important to have tags generated or sharing won’t work properly. Additional customizations for Tweet, Pinterest, etc. won’t be affected by this option.

    How to customize the shared information

    Plugin Analytics

    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress have a built-in analytics module. This module is made to collect information from user actions over share buttons and store it for further analysis. It is a real hand in optimizing share buttons’ presence on your site. The analytics will give you enough information to understand which buttons users use on your site and narrow them to just used.

    How to work with plugin analytics

    Google Analytics Tracking

    Activate features to track share button performance in Google Analytics. 

    • UTM tracking – automatically add UTM tracking code to all outgoing share links
    • Events tracking – record the click over share buttons as a Google Analytics Event

    How to configure the Google Analytics integration

    Pinterest Pro

    Include a Pin button for your images on the website. The button automatically assigns on each image that meats your minimal settings. The button has all styles support and works with builders and lazy loading images.

    How to work with Pinterest Pro

    Short URL

    URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect that links to the web page that has a long URL. For example, the URL “” can be shortened to “”, and the URL “” can be shortened to “ ”

    How to use the short URLs

    Affiliate & Point Integration

    Integrate the share buttons with plugins that reward users for sharing your content.
    AffiliateWP – automatically include the affiliate IDs to outgoing share links (compatible with short URLs)
    myCred – award users with points for sharing the content

    How to setup integration with affiliate and point plugins

    Custom Share

    Custom share offers a panel in the settings where you can put a share URL and additional share details (for supported networks). When enabled the plugin will always share that custom URL, no matter where share buttons are added.

    Message Before Buttons

    Include additional fields to automatically place a call-to-action text before or above the share buttons. This text is usually used to engage the users sharing your content. Call-to-action text can be turned off from the settings of each position.

    How to configure the call-to-action text

    Social Metrics Lite

    Share metrics lite is designed to store and show information about the real shares of content. The data that you will see is stored with the share counters update on-site and represent a real-life state. Note that due to the constant network API changes just a few networks have real share values that you can see.

    How to configure Social Metrics Lite

    Style Library

    A library of 40+ pre-configured styles that you can easily apply to any of the share button positions. You can also save your own styles, export, import, and apply them again.

    Share Display Methods

    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offers a wide range of automatic share button display positions. To be easy for all of our customers they are active by default. But we are aware that no one uses all of the positions at the same time. That is why using the settings you can easily disable those you don’t need. The result will be a smoother experience with the settings and better optimized working on the front.

    Social Feature

    Social Followers Counter

    Add social media buttons linking your profiles with showing the number of followers. These are advanced social media links. For networks with the support of API, values can update automatically (after successful key generation and setup). For all networks, you can set manually the number of followers (even those with API and a greater value of both will appear).

    How to configure and use the followers counter

    Social Profile Links

    Add links to your social profiles with stylish buttons. Those buttons can show a call-to-action text but they don’t have support for a number of followers (which is the difference between both modules). If you don’t wish to deal with API setup use the profile links.

    How to configure and use the social profile links

    Native Social Buttons

    Include support for native social buttons. If enabled you will be able to add buttons for selected networks that do direct actions on your website (for example Facebook like button). This function is not privacy safe or a GDPR complaint. And native buttons will add additional load to the page. Use with extreme caution.

    Subscribe Forms

    Include subscribe forms with direct service integration on your website.

    • 9 ready designs and unlimited custom designs builder
    • 10+ of most popular services 
    • Pop-up forms, Fly-in forms, Below content, Locker
    • Subscribe button in the share buttons’ list

    How to configure and user subscribe forms

    Facebook Live Chat

    Enable generation of Facebook Messenger lives chat component on your website. The function uses native API chat and requires you to connect your website with your Facebook page in order to use it.

    Skype Live Chat

    Include the Skype live chat component on your website. This allows users to log in and chat with you on Skype directly from your website.

    Click 2 Chat

    Include a chat-like box on your website with direct message links to WhatsApp, Viber, Email, and Phone (up to 4 links in the box).

    Instagram Feed

    Add a quick Instagram feed on your website. You can place it manually, automatically below content, or as a pop-up. 

    More about usage and setup of the Instagram feed

    Social Proof Notifications Lite

    Including notifications showing the current sharing state of a post or page. Those FOMO notifications can easily increase the shares of your content.

    More about usage and setup of the notifications

    Advanced Features

    Functions Translate

    Enable the module if your website language is not English. This will add a panel in Advanced options to translate the generated on the website English texts by the plugin.

    More about translation

    Custom Network Buttons

    Add custom buttons in the list of share networks or social profiles. You can also create a custom linking button too that will fit in the style current supported by the plugin buttons.

    Custom Display/Positions

    Creating a custom display or position is a unique function of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. The idea behind this is to become a full replacement of the typical shortcode for the share buttons. A better method for adding share buttons at any location of your website (custom).

    More about creating and using custom positions/displays

    Conversion Tracking

    Track conversions for the share buttons and/or subscribe forms. The collected data is privacy safe.

    How to setup conversion tracking for the share buttons

    Automatic Mobile Setup

    Remove all advanced mobile settings in the plugin and automatically apply pre-set mobile optimizations (responsive mode).


    Include specific WooCommerce integration for the share buttons. Those hooks are chosen for better placement. This function does not affect the ability to add share buttons to the full product content or using general site display methods.

    Integrations With Plugins

    Include extra integration with plugins like bbPress, BuddyPress, etc. (plugins that are not widely used).

    Settings by Post Type

    This is expert only function! Allow setting custom share button configuration for different post types. This configuration will be applied to all automatically generated share buttons.

    Internal Share Counters

    Automatically transform all share counters into internal that will increase with a button click. The function offers the option to set up an initial manual counter for each network (automatically added on each post too).

    Hooks Integration

    Developers only! The function creates a custom display position for action or filter. This simplifies the integration with additional plugins without the need to put custom code.

    Minimal Share Counters

    Allow to set up minimal share values for your website per network. Those minimal values will be used by each post until the real counter increase. As soon as the real share counter becomes bigger you the minimal value will no longer be used.

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