How to enable fake share counters?

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    With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, there are several methods of how you can enable and use the fake share counters. If you wish to fake the share values we recommend using method #1. This method provides a more realistic approach as the share values increase with a coef. And you can combine it with the option “Integrate official API share counters with internal counters”.

    Method #1 – Fake Share Counters

    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING
    The Fake share counter option is located in the Sharing -> Share Counters Setup screen. This feature is not active by default. To use it you should enable it from the Activate/Deactivate Features menu.

    Increase the number of shares with a multiplier (fake values). As an addition, you can also change the values to internal counters for all networks.

    • Activate fake share counters – enable the option if you wish to use the multiplier of the original counter
    • Counter increase value – set a numeric value that will be used to increase the number of existing shares. Example if you set 5 the existing shares will be multiplied with 5: if you have 100 real shares, the plugin will show 500.
    • Integrate official API share counters with internal counters – the integration will compare both – official and internal value of shares. And it will show always the greater of them to the front-end.
    You can combine the fake counter function with the internal counter for all networks. That will help you modify and fake value even for those that have an official counter.

    Method #2 – Internal Share Counters

    The share counter options can be found under Sharing -> Share Counters Setup

    The internal share counter is initially made to generate counters for the social networks that do not have counter API. Those counters increase with a button click. From the internal counter menu, you can enable the option to use internal counters for all networks. If enabled all your counters will become internal and you can manually edit the values on each post or page.

    • Overwrite the official counters with internal – change the official API counter to internal. Enable the option and choose below those networks you will modify to show internal value. The option is added for backup in case a network changes its access and removes the values. But you can also use it to fake the official share counter by making it internal and setting your value.

    Method #3 Using Minimal Share Counters

    The minimal share counters should be enabled from the Advanced section of Activate/Deactivate features. How to activate/deactivate additional features.

    The minimal share counters can be used to define a minimal share value that a social network will show. In the settings screen, you can set the value for each social network you are using (or if you wish to have such a value). When set the plugin will compare the actual shares with your minimal value and always show the bigger.


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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.