Elementor integration guide – how to place share buttons when editing content with Elementor page builder

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    The best method of adding share buttons in the content edited by Elementor is using the custom positions function. The custom position creates an internal display method with all controls for personalization. This internal display method you can embed in the website using various methods, one of those is Elementor Widget.

    Create and Manage Custom Display / Position

    The list of custom display/positions you can find in Where to Display -> Custom Display / Positions.

    If you need to create a new display simply press the “Add New Custom Display/Position” button and fill your name. When you confirm the form the new display will appear automatically in the list and it will also appear automatically in display positions of the plugin.

    Adding The Custom Display With Elementor

    If you are using Elementor Page builder there is a dedicated widget that you can use to add a specific custom display/position anywhere in content or Elementor template.

    • Always show – bypass the display position activation state from the Positions menu. If enabled the share buttons will always show (no matter you choose the position or not). If not enabled the share buttons will show as soon as you enable the position from the list of Additional Positions.
    • Used in archive template – the option can be used to share the archive page if you place the share buttons into post list template (archive).
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.