Deactivate – how to fully deactivate the plugin on specific places of your website

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    The deactivate options you can access from Advanced -> Deactivate. Using those options you can completely deactivate the plugin (including assets loading) on specific posts or URLs.

    In the previous versions, those settings were located in Where to Display -> Deactivate. To be more clear for all we move to Advanced -> Deactivate in version 8.0. All the fields are related not just to social share plugins – they deactivate the plugin at all.

    • Deactivate the plugin on – deactivate buttons on posts/pages with these IDs. Comma separated: “11, 15, 125”. The deactivating plugin will make no style or scripts to be executed for those pages/posts. The plugin also allows deactivating only specific functions on selected page/post ids.
    • Specify URLs of pages or posts where the plugin will not appear – the option will deactivate all plugin functions. One per line without the domain name. Use (.*) wildcards to address multiple URLs under a given path. Example: /profile/(.*).
    • Deactivate the plugin on mobile – completely deactivate the plugin on mobile devices. The option requires server-side mobile detection and won’t run properly if you are using the optimization/cache plugin (or you have server cache).
    • Advanced plugin’s components deactivate – enable deactivation of specific components of the plugin on selected post/page IDs (similar to deactivating the plugin on but for different components).


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    in Advanced Settings
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.