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    Advanced Plugin Settings

    The advanced plugin settings are located in the Advanced -> Advanced Options menu.

    Using the options in this screen you can change or fix the work of specific components based on the setup of your server or related plugins.

    • Change default priority of buttons – the priority is used for the content displayed share buttons only. Priority corrects the placement of the buttons related to other plugins that also add content in the same area. You can use it to change the location of the buttons. For example, if you have a component below your post that appears before share buttons. But you need to place the share buttons before that component you can type 1 in the field. If opposite you can use 99 as a value.
    • Prevent buttons from appearing on non-associated parts of content – very rear appearing problem due to specific of the theme or plugin for custom post types. The issue presents appearing of share buttons for example on blocks of content built with a custom template. In this case, activate the option to prevent that from happening with additional checks.
    • Clean Buttons From Excerpts – use only if you see a part of share buttons appearing under the excerpts of posts on archive pages. The option provides a variety of methods for cleaning. There is no universal working method for all sites – you need to try which will work best for you based on how the theme is made.
    • URL And Message Encoding – adds additional encoding to the shared information for social networks. Very rear need to be used for languages like Persian, Korean, etc. (but not all the time – activate only if there is a problem with the sharing messages or URLs).
    • Plugin Does Not Share Correct Data – contains a group of options to change and fix the shared data.
    • Short URL Issues – allows to deactivate the short URL cache or stop short URL from generating on preview pages (when the page is used under the preview in draft mode).
    • Advanced Display Options – allows preventing work of some automated display methods (like deactivating share buttons on preview mode).


    The integration options are located in the Advanced -> Integrations menu. In the list of options, you can deactivate automated integrations with other plugins.


    • Remove shortcode buttons from the Classic Editor – remove the plugin shortcode generator button from the editing post screen.
    • Remove shares column from posts list – remove the shares column from the administrative list of posts. The value of the column is generated from the update of shares when the counter is used.
    • Remove the setup share options column from the post list – remove the column showing the customized sharing options done on each post inside the plugin fields.

    Block Editor

    • Deactivate image block integration with Pinterest – remove the customizations plugin adds to the default image element in the block editor.
    • Deactivate plugin blocks – remove plugin blocks from the block editor.

    Elementor Page Builder

    The options here you need only if you have installed Elementor Page Builder on your site.

    • I am using the Elementor page builder – you need to enable this option if your custom share details disappear from the post/page when editing with Elementor.
    • Use Elementor page builder content events – enable to assign content share buttons display using Elementor content filters. This will assign them automatically on all assigned post types build with Elementor. Use only if for example you show share buttons on posts but buttons do not appear on posts build with Elementor.
    • Don’t load plugin Elementor widgets – prevent loading plugin custom widgets for Elementor. You will still be able to add share buttons or other features with the shortcode element.
    • Don’t show share buttons in Elementor design mode – prevent automatic share button displays to appear in the edit mode of Elementor.

    Yoast SEO

    The options are related to the integration with the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. The default integration that plugin uses is made to read the SEO and social media optimization data you have in the Yoast SEO set. A typical check is:

    1. Check for Yoast SEO social media optimization data
    2. If not 1. check for Yoast SEO data
    3. If not 2 apply the default post data (image, excerpt, title).

    The integration will be automatically overwritten by the custom data for sharing you set inside the plugin fields. 

    Using the options in the section you can disable:

    • Automated reading of social media optimization tags
    • Automated integration of SEO data

    Hint! If you need to stop the integration in most cases the deactivation of SEO data read is enough. If you just install the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress and stop the social media tag integration you may lose the previous setup for sharing you have made in Yoast SEO (for past posts). In case you have not made such changes you can deactivate that too.

    Social Warfare

    The option allows enabling reading of previous data you have set in the Social Warfare plugin. The option will not move any previous settings you have done in the plugin options. It will transfer the social media optimizations and custom Tweet messages you have set on a post. It will also refer to previously cached data for share counters.

    The option will also assign a shortcode for previous click-to-tweets you may have in content and make them appear from the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress click-to-tweet feature.


    In case you have used in past AddThis service you will know that they serve internal counters. If you wish to keep that counters in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you should enable this option. The share counters are stored on the AddThis account and plugin will read them with a server-side query to AddThis API. To show the numbers you should keep your AddThis account (otherwise the API will just erase the values).

    The internal AddThis value is added only to the number of total shares (because they did not support storage by the network). So if you enable this option we recommend avoiding showing individual share values (to avoid confusion of the visitors if the sum of individual values does not match the total).

    WPML & Polylang

    If one of those plugins is detected on your site, Easy Social Share Buttons will add a new menu for translations. This will give you options to specify various values that the plugin uses on each of the languages. In case you do not wish to use that enable the option.

    The feature of multilanguage translate will not run if none of those plugins is available on your site. 

    Rank Math

    The Rank Math plugin does not have a switch to disable generated social share optimization tags. That can be done with code only. So if you have that plugin on your site and you need to keep tags generated by Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, enable the option.

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