Pinterest Share Button Modes – What is the difference and which of them to use on-site

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    The Pinterest share button in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has two different modes that you can use. To switch between those modes you need to visit Social Sharing -> Networks -> Additional Network Options -> Pinterest. The running mode depends on the state of option “Disable Pin of any image from the page”.

    The mode of the Pinterest share button is a global option. The change will reflect displayed everywhere on the site Pin button. This option cannot be configured for different locations or devices.

    Pin any image from the page (default mode after plugin installation)

    When Pin of any image is active on-page, the Pinterest button will show an image picker with all images that are on the page. The visitor will be able to pick the one wishes to share. In this mode, the description message that will appear in the Pinterest share is taken from the image alt and title settings. The mode also supports the deep Pinterest message creation via the data-pin-description attribute (you can use any of them to prepare the shared snippet). Example of setting custom message: data-pin-description="My custom share message for Pinterest".

    In this mode, the plugin loads the Pinterest picker directly on-page and you do not have any specific control over the images. In case there are images that you do not wish to appear in the picker than you need manually to add the following attribute data-pin-nopin="true".


    • Image with a custom Pinterest message
    <img src="" data-pin-description="Custom Pinterest messages goes here"/>
    • Image that will not appear in the Pin (ignored)
    <img src="" data-pin-nopin="true"/>

    Pin only selected image with custom optimized message

    In this mode instead of Pinning all images from the page, you will be able to select a specific optimized in size and visual image and setup custom share message for each post or page. This share button mode provides you the most advanced customization you may need to get the best from Pinterest sharing.

    To start using it you need to change at first the mode from the location in settings. The option to “Disable Pin of any image from the page” should say Yes.

    As soon as you save settings new options will appear in the post/page editing screen. In those settings, you can select the custom Pinterest image and description.

    • Pin image – Choose personalized image that will be used to when you press Pinterest share button We recommend using an image that is formatted in a 2:3 aspect ratio like 735 x 1102. The default image will be post featured image if nothing is selected
    • Description – that will be the custom title of the Pin. The default value is the post title
    Pin just selected image mode can be combined with Pinterest Pro or the On media display location. This will give you the possibility to set up a custom message for Pinterest sharing and still have a Pin button over your images. Which of those additions you will use, depends on the need but Pinterest Pro has a higher number of customization and displays.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.