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    All the options inside this article you can find in the Import / Export / Reset menu. 

    Import / Export Settings

    Using the import/export function of the plugin you can migrate settings you have to a different WordPress installation. If you are using the followers counter there is a separate menu containing settings for the networks – you should also move that to the new installation.

    The import will overwrite all of your settings and replace them with those in the file. The import of network settings in the Followers Counter don’t affect other settings of the plugin.

    Rollback Settings

    In case you did not stop the feature, the plugin keeps a copy of your last 10 configurations (a back of plugin settings). From the rollback menu, you can restore a previous setup in case you did not like the changes.

    Reset Settings & Data

    Warning! Use with caution because if you press the reset button you won’t be able to get back again to the current state.

    • Plugin Settings – the button will erase all custom settings you have made in the plugin and return back the default like when you install for the first time. The button will not reset Social Followers Counter setup.
    • Followers Settings – the button will erase all settings for the social followers counter. It will not affect other plugin settings.
    • Analytics Data – the button will erase all information in internal analytics. The analytics is a stand-alone feature of the plugin that you can activate from the menu. The analytics data is stored and collected separately from the share counter. This button does not affect the share counter information.
    • Internal Counters – the button will reset only internal counters. Internal are those counters that are assigned to buttons without a social counter API. The value increases with each button click and it is stored on each post.
    • Counters Last Update – the button will remove the last update time from each post/page on site. This will cause an immediate share counter update for all posts/pages when they are opened.
    • Short URL Cache – (only if you are using short URLs) clear all stored in the plugin short URLs related to the posts or pages. Pressing the button will cause an immediate update of the short URLs.
    • Image Cache – to improve the performance Easy Social Share Buttons automatically cache the image that is used for the sharing (social media optimization, custom share image, etc.). Pressing the button will clear this cache.
    • All Counter Information – unlike the internal counter button, this button will remove all the counter information collected by the plugin. This includes the internal counters, counter last update time, and also the cache official share counter values. Next time you open a post or page you will get fully fresh share counter values.
    • Remove Custom Subscribe Form Designs – pressing this button will remove all custom forms you have made in the subscribe module. This won’t reset the customizations you may have done to the original bundled forms.
    • Reset Love Button Counter – reset the love button counter on all posts on the website.
    • Remove Instagram Cached Data – only when the Instagram module is used. Clear all stored data for images in the database (can be used to call an immediate update).

    Migrate & Update

    This menu contains options to update or migrate plugin data when switching the versions.

    • Short URL Cache – since version 8 plugin is capable to store short URLs for each social network or even for each affiliate user (only when this is required). The new short URL cache is active by default for the new installation. You can use the tool to migrate the current short URLs by pressing the blue button. Using the clear button you can remove the previously stored information (Warning! Do not press clear before you migrate. Pressing the button will erase current short URLs and most services will generate a new one when you visit the post again).
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