How to select social share buttons for your website – global share buttons, per position share buttons, etc.

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    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress include high flexibility in the network selection and usage. And this means you can choose a different set of social networks for each display position – desktop or mobile.

    Important to remember is that position networks will always have higher priority and be used when set.

    Global Networks

    Select the networks

    The global share buttons are those that will always appear if you do not have a personalized settings. Those buttons you can set in Social Sharing -> Global Networks.

    If you don’t make any further settings the global networks will be used on all positions and devices.

    • Order share buttons’ appearance – choose how share buttons will order on your website. The use provided order (default) means the buttons appear in the order you choose. If you choose to sort by the number of shares, you should be already using the share counter on your website. Please note that sharing orders may lead to hiding networks without a counter.
    • Use global networks for all display positions – enable this option in case you don’t need a detailed network setup per position. If enabled what you choose as a global network list will be always used. Option is recommended for newbie users that don’t need detailed settings.

    Activate / Deactivate Networks

    The manage active networks function will help to disable those networks you don’t need for your website.

    More about Manage Available Networks

    Set Network Visibility by Device

    Do you have networks that need to be visible on different devices? If not you can skip this part.

    To use the network device visibility you should have all networks selected in the Global network list or Position network list (all means for any device).

    Social Networks for Positions

    As we mention above Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has an option to setup custom network list that will be used on site for a selected position. To do such change you need to visit Where to Display -> Position Settings -> <Position You Wish To Personalize>. To make possible selection of networks you need to activate at first that you wish to have a personalized position settings.

    When position settings are set to Yes you can choose a separate network list just below the style setup.

    The mobile display positions also support a separate list of networks. If you use the optimized mobile options and choose a network list you will see it only on mobile devices. For the general positions, you can use the described in the global option for hiding networks by device type.

    Setting Social Networks for Post Type & Plugin Integration

    The setup of social networks for post type is very rear used but it is available as option inside plugin. The setup is pretty much the same like setting up social networks for position. The only difference is that options you need are located in Advanced Settings -> Settings by Post Type.

    The setup of plugin integrations is used to personalize buttons when you are using hooks from Where to Display -> Plugin Integrations. Here options work again like position settings but they are located in Advanced Settings -> Settings by Plugin Integration

    Important Note! The post type and plugin integration settings has the higher priority. If you decide to use those settings they will always appear on the select post type and on any position – no matter of what you have made as custom location setup.

    Global Network Options (Additional Network Options)

    The additional network options are available for a few networks. With those additional options you can control a specific function of the selected network. Those options are located in Social Sharing -> Global Network Options.

    Below you can find a list of networks with related to them advanced options:

    • More Button: you have fields to change icon, style and mode of the more button used to display extra networks. The options for more button are also available in network settings for position, post type or plugin integration
    • Share Button: you have fields to change icon, style and mode of the share button used to display extra networks. The options for share button are also available in network settings for position, post type or plugin integration
    • Twitter: for Twitter you can set the default username that will be included automatically in the Tweet as via, default hashtags. You can also set to convert post tags as hashtags and activate Tweet optimization if you have a long titles of posts.
    • Facebook: allows to activate Facebook advanced sharing option running using application ID. That mode is not required for normal work but used for specific situations
    • Facebook Messenger: if you plan to use Messenger on desktop (not only mobile devices) you need to setup Facebook Application and enter its ID inside the field here. Without that ID the Messenger button will not function on desktops
    • WhatsApp: you have option to activate usage of WhatsApp web API interface which will allow usage of button on any device. Without that option set to Yes the button will work only on mobiles
    • VKontakte: you have option to force send of all share details. This option should be activated only if you have a problem and the shared information to VK does not appear as expected
    • Pinterest: you can change the mode of Pinterest button for here. The default mode allows to Pin any image from site. If you choose disable Pin of any image plugin will share just the featured post image or custom image you set (you will have option if option is set to Yes). You can also activate the default Pinterest save any image button (included from Pinterest site)
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