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    The feature is available inside the current version of the plugin. The provided screenshot is from version 7.0.


    URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect which links to the web page that has a long URL. For example, the URL “” can be shortened to “”, and the URL “” can be shortened to “ ”

    You can activate the short URLs for sharing from Social Sharing -> Short URL

    Setup Short URLs for Sharing 1

    Short URL Usage

    The short URL usage option select where to add the generated new short URL for sharing. You can choose between two available options:

    • Recommended social networks only – this includes the mobile messenger applications, Twitter and Buffer. These are the recommended networks if you plan to use short URL
    • All networks – the short URL will be set for sharing for all networks. As most of the social networks do not have a limit for the message, you are not required to use that type of URL. But if you decide to switch to this model.
    When you generate short URLs for all networks inside Facebook Debugger you should clear the cache for both – the full URL and generated short URL.

    Supported Short URL Services

    Build-in WordPress Short Links

    This option will allow you to connect with the existing short URL generation plugin you have installed. That plugin should assign an event or filter to the native WordPress function. If such does not exist on your site, you can still generate a short URL with the default WordPress structure: service is officially closed since the 30th of March, 2019. This means that you will not be able to create short URLs anymore. But the existing generated and stored URLs are still operating. This option is left only for old time customers that have cached shorts. For all, it is recommended to switch to another supported service (most popular replacement is probably the most popular short URL service you can use. Inside plugin you need to set up the following details:

    • Username – your username
    • API key/Access token key – based on the connection protocol you choose you should fill API key or Access Token key
    • API version – recommended usage is a connection with an access token


    Rebrandly is an awesome short URL generation service that you can use to create branded short links. They offer short URL domains at a really tiny price. Recommended for those that wish to create a strong brand. 

    To start generating short URLs you need at first have a Rebrandly account. Then you can fill the required settings:

    Troubleshooting Wong Short URL Issue

    Very rear you may see plugin sharing the wrong short URL. This may happen in case you change the permalink of post/page or there was a mistake in the short URL API during generation. Even you do the changes plugin does not reflect them.

    This happens because inside Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress we are using short URL cache. Once a short URL is generated we store it inside its post and do not generate it again. If a problem like above appears for you navigate to Advanced -> Advanced Options -> Short URL Issues and activate the option to “Deactivate Short URLs Cache“.

    Setup Short URLs for Sharing 2

    The change you do will temporarily stop the short URL cache and all links will regenerate. After a day or two deactivate the option to let cache continue to operate.

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