How to Customize & Personalize Shared Information on Social Networks

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    Understand how to maximize the effectiveness of shared information and how to do this with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.  Our plugin automatically generates all required information for effective sharing over social networks and you have all required fields to customize that information.

    Customize Information That Appears When Sharing to Facebook (and many other networks)

    To personalize shared information to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other networks you need to use Open Graph meta tags. Those tags are designed to communicate information about your website to Social Media sites when links to your site are shared. These tags allow you to craft custom titles, descriptions, and images to be used when your pages are shared. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can generate those tags for you if the option inside settings is activated.

    Tags generated by Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress are also integrated with WooCommerce too. If a WooCommerce product is detected we will also generate additional product tags like price, gallery, stock and etc. The tags generated by plugin are also fully compatible with Yoast SEO plugin – any optimization you set inside Yoast SEO plugin will also appear inside the tags generated by Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

    Most of major social networks (like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) get information for your site from the tags generated. That is why it is important the tags to be present on site and they need to have all required details. The tag requirement also makes possible to have just one personalized message for one URL.

    Activation of required for generation tags

    To check are you generating social share optimization tags visit Social Sharing -> Sharing Optimization and check if the option is set to Yes.

    How to Customize & Personalize Shared Information on Social Networks 1

    • Generate Image Size Tags – activation of this option will generate also additional tags for the image size. That information is not required for sharing but in case you see an issue with the size of the image appearing inside shared information you can activate it. The generation of those tags requires additional function call to WordPress core which is why we do not activate it by default
    • Gif image support – If you plan to use gif images inside the shared information then you can activate this option. That will make Facebook read animated gifs.
    • Deactivate WooCommerce Gallery Integration – that will stop generating all images from WooCommerce product gallery. It will show only the featured image.
    • Deactivate WooCommerce Products Tags – this option will stop generating additional tags for the WooCommerce products such as availability, price, and content definition. If the option is switched on only the standard tags will be generated.
    • Allow more than one share image – this will allow setting multiple images inside tags. Multiple images may be needed only if you wish to set up such in a different size for networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and etc. because each network has its own requirements
    • Stop the Social Media Assistant – switch on if you want to turn off the Easy Social Share Buttons assistant that shows in the right down screen corner.
    • Default share image – we recommend selecting such inside options. This image will automatically appear on posts/pages where no image was found.

    Setup custom information on a single post/page

    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress automatically generate social share optimization tags (when activated) with the default post information – title, description and image (featured post image). As mentioned above if you use Yoast SEO plugin the default details will also automatically include the optimizations you made.

    How to Customize & Personalize Shared Information on Social Networks 2

    In the social share optimization block on each post you can set:

    • Social Media Image – Add an image that is optimized for maximum exposure on most social networks. We recommend 1200px by 628px
    • Social Media Title – Add a title that will populate the open graph meta tag which will be used when users share your content onto most social networks. If nothing is provided here, we will use the post title as a backup. We recommend usage of titles that does not exceed 60 characters
    • Social Media Description – Add a description that will populate the open graph meta tag which will be used when users share your content onto most social networks.We recommend usage of description that does not exceed 160 characters
    • Customize Open Graph URL – Important! This field is needed only if you made a change in your URL structure and you need to customize og:url tag to preserve shares you have. Do not fill here anything unless you are completely sure you need it – not proper usage will lead to loose of your current social shares and comments.
    • Article Author Profile – Add link to Facebook profile page of article author if you wish it to appear in shared information. Example:

    Customize Information For Twitter Sharing

    Twitter unlike other networks allows a deep customization. You can generate Twitter specific tags (called Twitter Card Data). The function of those is the same like the Open Graph tags. On the other site you can setup personalized Tweet on each post that will appear in the sharing too.

    Activation of Twitter Card Tags

    The activation of those tags you can do from Social Sharing -> Sharing Optimization menu.

    How to Customize & Personalize Shared Information on Social Networks 3

    • Twitter Site Username – fill the username of Twitter account that will appear in the tags as connected to your site (enter information without @ in front)
    • Twitter Card Type – The card type determines the information that will appear. Summary is a text based tags, Summary with image also include as addition featured image.

    Setup custom Tweet data on a single post/page

    On each post or page where share buttons will appear you can customize the generated Tweet.

    How to Customize & Personalize Shared Information on Social Networks 4

    • Hashtags  – customize the default filled inside settings hashtags. If needed fill the values separated with comma without the #
    • Username – personalize the via username that will appear inside the Tweet message
    • Tweet – the default Tweet is generated from the post title. Inside this field you can set your own Tweet (inline hashtags are supported)

    Customize Pinterest Information

    Inside Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you have access to two different Pinterest working modes. The default mode is to Pin any image on your site. With this mode you cannot customize in detail the image that will appear inside the Pin. Pinterest will automatically read all require details from generated on site image titles (or alternative texts). You can also use a different mode where you can fully personalize the shared image and message.

    To change Pinterest mode you can visit Social Sharing -> Networks -> Additional Network Options and set to Yes the option to disable Pin of any found image. When the mode is changed on each post/page you can setup a personalized image for Pinterest.

    How to Customize & Personalize Shared Information on Social Networks 5

    • Pin image – Choose personalized image that will be used to when you press Pinterest share button We recommend using an image that is formatted in a 2:3 aspect ratio like 735 x 1102. The default image will be post featured image if nothing is selected
    • Description – that will be the custom title of the Pin. The default value is the post title

    Troubleshooting Problems With Sharing

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