How to Activate and Manage Your License for Easy Social Share Buttons

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    All core Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress features will work without plugin activation. The activation will give you an access to features like automatic updates, extensions installation, multilangual translate, read made styles library.

    The activation of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress requires a valid purchase code for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. If you receive plugin bundled inside theme you cannot activate plugin with the theme purchase code. The version of plugin you are using when receiving plugin with theme is theme integrated. The theme integrated version will not receive updates of plugin together with theme releases.

    If you have a theme integrated version of plugin but you need to get access to all premium benefits: automatic updates, direct plugin support from author, access to extensions, ready made styles you need to purchase a direct copy of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

    Find your purchase code

    To activate the plugin it is needed to know your purchase code. You receive that kind of code with each purchase from Envato platform. The purchase code for Easy Social Share Buttons can be found any time at your CodeCanyon account.

    Go to Downloads tab at your Envato account


    Find Easy Social Share Buttons in the items list and press Download button. Then download PDF file with License certificate and purchase code:

    Automatic Activation of The Purchase Code

    To activate plugin visit the Activate menu of the plugin and fill your purchase code.

    Fill the purchase code you have from the license in the field and press the register the code button.

    If the activation is completed successfully you will see the green badge says activated. In case of an error, you can change in the manage activations panel if you are using this code anywhere else on a site (you will need to stop that activation first) or proceed with manual plugin activation.


    Manual Plugin Activation

    If there are any issues with automatic updates, please have a try with manual activation.

    When you click on manual activation link, two fields will appear. At first one paste your purchase code. At the other field, you have to fill your activation code. To generate the code follow these steps:

    1. Go to manual activation page


    1. Fill your purchase code and under domain field type the domain for which you want to activate that code. The domain should be filled without any signs in front as at the example shown:


    If you have more than one license for Easy Social Share Buttons, use Manage my purchase keys button. That will help you check if purchase code you use is already registered for another domain.

    1. If the activation is successful, you will see message to confirm that and also the activation code will be available for copy/paste:


    1. Go back to activation settings page and paste the activation code at the field required:


    Press Manual registration of code button. If the activation is successful, you will get a confirmation message:


    Manage Existing Activations and How to Move License to a New

    View and Manage Existing Activations of Plugin

    To view existing purchase code activations you can press the Manage Activations button from the plugin screen or directly visit this address

    To log in, you need to fill your Envato username (in the same way you type it) and the plugin purchase code.

    Moving License to a New Site

    You can transfer the license for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress from one site to another. To make this happen you need to deactivate and remove the plugin and activation from the previous site.

    Go to the Activation screen of the current license you need to press the Deregister the code button.

    But if you already remove the plugin without stopping the activation you should not worry. Login to the managing of license screen and manually deactivate all past installations that you see with the button on the right.

    Warning! You need to deactivate all connections with domain that have red button for this before processing with a new activation. The migration of license is not limited but you need to have plugin running and active only once on a live site with each license code.
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