Creating Custom Displays / Positions for Share Buttons (and How to Use Them)

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    The custom displays/positions are a unique feature of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. The custom positions are designed to provide a better integration for custom share buttons display on site. Even that in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you have 30+ automatic display positions for share buttons that may not be enough for your site. Usually, advanced users need deeper integration.

    That is why we create the custom display/positions feature. Using this you can create a new custom display and include it inside content using shortcode, a function call from theme code or Elementor Widget. 

    But you will wonder why I need this? Doesn’t the shortcode do the same?

    Yes and no. The usage looks like a screenshot but technically this is a more user-friendly method of using share buttons. Each of the created positions using this plugin function will appear in the list of the position that the plugin provides. And like all automated positions you will have all design controls for personal styles, networks, and code.

    And even more – the position will appear in the list of “Additional Display Methods”. This allows you to turn it on or off from the plugin settings without the need to edit code. A design change is super easy and it will automatically appear on all locations where the call to this custom position is added.

    Create and Manage Custom Display / Position

    The list of custom display/positions you can find in Where to Display -> Custom Display / Positions.

    Creating Custom Displays / Positions for Share Buttons (and How to Use Them) 1

    If you need to create a new display simply press the “Add New Custom Display/Position” button and fill your name. When you confirm the form the new display will appear automatically in the list and it will also appear automatically in display positions of the plugin.

    Using Custom Display/Position on Site

    On the list of custom positions, you will find quick instructions for adding each of the displays inside content or code. 

    Creating Custom Displays / Positions for Share Buttons (and How to Use Them) 2

    To add the display anywhere inside the content you have a shortcode [ social-share-display ] that can be used – you can use copy/paste.

    Shortcode Arguments

    designCustom display/position ID
    forceAlways showDisplay the custom display/position even when the position is not marked as active in the Where to Display menu.Possible values

    • no
    • yes


    You also have a ready function call snippet for your theme that you can use with copy/paste.

    <?php if (function_exists("essb_custom_position_draw")) { essb_custom_position_draw(positionID, alwaysShow); } ?>


    If you are using Elementor Page builder there is a dedicated widget that you can use to add a specific custom display/position anywhere in content or Elementor template.

    Hint! Remember that usage of custom position without the force option will require to activate display form the positions for social share buttons display. If you use the force option, share buttons will always appear no matter the active state of this position on site.

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