Affiliate & Point Plugins Integration in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress (AffiliateWP, myCred) [Sharing -> Affiliate Integration]

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    The affiliate and point plugin integration allows connecting your share buttons with specific plugins and award users for sharing content. All the options you need doing this are located in Social Sharing -> Affiliate Integration


    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING

    myCred makes it simple to create a loyalty program or gamify your website so that you can increase the average customer value with less marketing effort. You can learn more about myCred on their official site.

    The integration with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives your visitors points for clicking over share buttons.

    • Activate myCred integration for click on links – enable this option if you wish the awarded points to get on the click for links type in myCred. The option will work properly only if the related hook for “Click on links” in myCred is enabled. Setup of Click on link hook on myCred documentation.
    • myCred reward points for share link click – optional you can modify the points user will receive for click on a share link. Applied only for the integration with Click on links hook.
    • myCred custom point type – optional setup custom point type for the Clink on link hook. If you did not make any adjustments in myCred plugin for this, leave it blank as it is by default.
    • Activate myCred integration for points for social sharing via the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress hook – this is a custom hook for share buttons click. We do not recommend to use the custom hook and click on links enabled at the same time. If you enable the option to use the custom hook you will see a new point type related to Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress inside myCred settings. You need to drag and enable that point type and you can also configure there the number of points users will receive. Learn how to set up hooks in myCred knowledge base.
    • Activate myCred Referral usage / Activate myCred Referral usage in shortcodes – This custom hook is a very basic referral system that allows you to award or deduct points from users who refer visitors and/or signups. For this to work, each user on your website gains a unique referral ID. The options will automatically include this ID to the shared links generated automatically by plugin or by shortcodes used on site. To use the referral option you need at first to configure the Referral Hook in myCred – learn more in myCred knowledge base.

    Find out here a step-by-step guide about the myCred integration and usage


    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING

    Enable generation of affiliate links for sharing when AffiliateWP plugin is installed.

    • Append Affiliate ID to shared address / Append Affiliate ID to shortcodes – automatically append affiliate ID to the share addresses generated by the plugin with automatic display methods or shortcodes.
    • ID Append Mode – choose the type of affiliate value plugin will use. You can select between user ID (example: 123) or username (example: demoaff).
    • Use pretty affiliate URLs – A “Pretty URL” is a URL format that does not require query strings (i.e. ?ref=), so a URL looks neat and tidy when customers visit your site. It removes the characters in the query string and replaces them with slashes (for example,  or To use this plugin option you should enable at first the Pretty affiliate links in AffiliateWP setup – learn more in AffiliateWP knowledge base.
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