How to add social followers to your website

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    How to add the followers’ counter?

    There are several methods that you can use to add followers’ counter on your site.

    1. Automatic as a floating sidebar – read instructions here.
    2. Automatic as a content bar – read instructions here.
    3. Using widgets
    4. Using shortcode
    5. Elementor widget or WPBakery Page Builder element
    6. Block element

    Adding Followers Counter With Widget

    To be able to use the standard WordPress widgets for followers counter you don’t need to enable the option to disable widgets from the module settings.

    In the plugin, there are two different widgets available. The first widget is the one you are able to choose columns and additional layout designs. The other widget is called Social Followers Counter (Layout Builder). This widget will use the design you have made in the layout builder settings of the plugin.

    Adding Followers Counter With Shortcode

    Shortcode for showing total followers

    [ easy-total-followers ]

    Shortcode does not have any additional parameters

    Shortcode for showing the followers counter

    [ easy-followers-layout ]

    Shortcode Arguments

    Argument Description
    title TitleDisplay title over the widget
    hide_title Hide widget titleActivate this option if you wish to hide widget titlePossible values

    • no
    • yes


    new_window Open links in new window(recommended) Activate this option to open links to social profiles in new windowPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    nofollow Add nofollow to links(recommended) Activate this option to add nofollow state of outgoing linksPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    template TemplateChoose template for this widgetPossible values

    • color – Color icons
    • roundcolor – Round Color Icons
    • outlinecolor – Outline Color Icons
    • grey – Grey icons
    • roundgrey – Round Grey Icons
    • outlinegrey – Outline Grey Icons
    • light – Light Icons
    • roundlight – Round Light Icons
    • outlinelight – Outline Light Icons
    • metro – Metro
    • flat – Flat
    • dark – Dark
    • tinycolor – Tiny Color
    • tinygrey – Tiny Grey
    • tinylight – Tiny Light
    • modern – Modern
    • modernlight – Modern Light
    • metro essbfc-template-fancy – Metro Fancy
    • metro essbfc-template-bold – Metro Bold


    animation AnimationAnimate buttons on hoverPossible values

    • – Without animation
    • pulse – Pulse
    • down – Down
    • up – Up
    • pulse-grow – Pulse Grow
    • pop – Pop
    • wobble-horizontal – Wobble Horizontal
    • wobble-vertical – Wobble Vertical
    • buzz-out – Buzz Out


    nospace Without space between buttonsActivate this option if you wish to remove space between single buttonsPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    bgcolor Custom background colorProvide custom background color for followers counter area
    hide_value Hide number of followersActivate this option if you wish to hide number of followers valuePossible values

    • no
    • yes


    hide_text Hide text followers textActivate this option if you wish to hide text for followers below valuePossible values

    • no
    • yes



    Adding Followers Counter With Elementor Widget

    The widget for generating social followers in Elementor is located in the group Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

    Block Editor

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