Step By Step Guide For Setting Up Responsive Buttons Without Dealing With Mobile Options

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    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has advanced mobile options and mobile-optimized display methods. But not all users need such a deep level customizations. If you need simplified responsive options over the existing design this is just for you.

    Before going on ensure that your mobile settings are set to “No specific settings“. This point of options is left for responsive usage only.


    Does your screen look different? Probably because you already use advanced mobile settings. So just switch the marked option to No and you will get to the screen shown above.

    Manage Networks Visibility For Different Devices

    With the device visibility, you can easily deactivate the display of a social network on a desktop or mobile device. That option is will save you time setting up a different list for mobile devices.

    The option is globally applied to all instances for the displayed share buttons. To activate it visit Social Sharing ->Networks and press the manage button next to the section.

    On the new screen just activate the option and choose which networks should be hidden on the desktop and which on mobile. If the buttons should appear on any device just don’t touch the settings.


    Optional Enable Automatic Responsive Design of Content Share Buttons

    This option is made to provide a responsive design of content share buttons. So if you have for example a button style using this option it will change to icon display on mobile.

    If you need to use this feature you should enable the control from Social Sharing -> Template & Style -> Automatic Position & Mobile Share Button Styles


    Manage Display Position Visibility On Different Devices

    The responsive options are a group of controls available under each automatic display location. Using those controls you can easily control appearance on different devices each of the existing automatic displays.

    The responsive options you can use as a quick mobile setup (along with responsive network options). Or you can use them in combination with mobile options too.


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