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    This guide covers settings for responsive share buttons. It is suitable for any installation and cache plugin/server. Recommended for most of our customers.

    In this tutorial, you will find all the steps to set up share buttons on mobile devices. Before continuing reading ensure that you don’t have the Advanced Mobile options enabled. To check this go to Where to Display -> Advanced Mobile and ensure that “No advanced mobile settings” option is selected.

    Customize Network Visibility Across Devices

    This step is required only if you have buttons that should be hidden on a desktop and visible on a mobile or should be hidden on mobile but visible on the desktop. If you don’t have that skip to next step

    With the device visibility, you can easily deactivate the display of a social network on a desktop or mobile device. That option is will save you time setting up a different list for mobile devices.

    The option is globally applied to all instances for the displayed share buttons. To activate it visit Social Sharing ->Networks and press the manage button next to the section.

    On the new screen just activate the option and choose which networks should be hidden on the desktop and which on mobile. If the buttons should appear on any device just don’t touch the settings.


    Manage Display Position Visibility On Different Devices

    Each of the automatic display positions for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a group of options called Responsive Appearance. Using those controls you can hide any position on the selected device type. The options for each display position you can find in Where to Display -> Positions -> <The name of the position>.

    Example: You are using the sidebar on your website but don’t want to show it on tablet and mobile.

    Setup Mobile Optimized Display Methods

    You can use the automatic mobile-optimized display methods in combination with other display methods you have. Those methods are made for the best mobile experience for your users. You can enable the methods in Where to Display -> Positions (Mobile section).

    Like the regular display positions, mobile-optimized also features advanced settings for design and networks. They also have a few additional options that are specific to the display method. You can access the settings from the Where to Display -> Positions menu.


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