How to add social followers as an automatic content bar

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    The automatic content bar is a great way to show the social followers below the content of each post (automatically). A sample design looks like this:

    How to add social followers as an automatic content bar 1

    To enable the content bar you need to set the options in Followers Counter -> Content Bar.

    How to add social followers as an automatic content bar 2

    Setting up Cover Box

    The cover box is the design that appears over the display of social profiles. This design can have a little biographical data or just whatever you think will work.

    • Display cover box above networks – this option you need to enable to show the cover box.
    • The main style – this is the main style of the cover display. The light means that you are using a light background. In this case, the plugin will use a dark text. If you choose dark, the plugin will use light color text.
    • Align – alignment of content in the cover box. The center is the default and recommended for most of the sites.
    • Custom background color – this color will be used to replace the default used in the light and dark styles.
    • Profile image – the image that will appear in the cover box above the title and description. If you did not make a selction, nothing will appear. For the best design results, the image should be the square size.
    • Title – that is the first row of the cover box texts.
    • Description text – the additional text below the title.

    The profile image, title, and description may not be filled (leave empty). If so that component will not render on-site. For title and description, you can also use the shortcode for total followers to show value.

    Design Settings

    • Columns – the number of columns that buttons will show out.
    • Template – the template for the followers’ counter.
    • Apply animation – select animation for this design.
    • Without space between buttons – connect buttons in a single block.
    • Without follow text – the option will remove the text for followers below the number.
    • Without follow value – the option will remove the number of followers.

    You can take a look and test various design options on the plugin demo

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