Yes, we know that you have heard that thousands of times. We are sure even we have said that before about any of our previous updates. But with the new version 4.0 we will say it again, because that is the pure truth

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is better than ever!

We have changed so many things, that it will be hard to describe them all here in few words. You just have to test how fast is the plugin now, to play with the new templates (they are 22!), to discover our brand new Vertical share buttons, to explore the extended sidebar positions (animations added) and improved total counter display.

Color Leafs (Retina) Template

Did we mentioned the new networks? Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kakao Story, are now part of our social network supported list.

We have also reworked on media sharing, improved total counter display and After Share Actions.

Most of the modules are reworked and upgraded too. You will find new Social Profiles module and improved Social share optimization that supports multiple images for Facebook sharing. The analytics statistic part is upgraded too and now the dashboard provides more detailed data. Subscribe form module is updated with three new designs and supports MailerLite.

The new things are really tones and they will blow up your mind! There is no need to worry about the settings. Just go trough them and find how flexible and easy to work are now.

If you are lazy one or you just don’t have enough time or skills, you are at the right place. We have something for you too! At the whole plugin we have added more than 40 ready made styles that can be applied with single click only. They are related to the share buttons display, to subscribe form designs, multipurpose share button, Social Followers Sidebar and total counter.

Subscribe Form design #6

May be you are worried that with so much possible displays you will be lost in the settings and won’t be able to choose the display that fits best to your site outlook and your marketing goals. Please don’t waste your time for unfounded fears. We have solution for that too! With Easy Social Share Buttons ver. 4.0 you get

Social A/B add-on

If you are tired of too much new things we have described, please stop reading, because in the next paragraph the word NEW will be still used. Sorry for that, we just can’t control ourselves 🙂 The free plugin included is something revolutionary new and absolutely unique for the social share plugins available on the market now.

Social A/B gives you the opportunity to choose up to three configurations available on your website and to monitor which one of them is the most effective – that means attract more users. The add-on collects data about clicks over the buttons from each configuration locally. You can monitor the data real time (update settings for reload) and to compare results. That will help you to choose the display that is best for you and also will give you basis to analyse the behavior of your users.

The add-on has really great potential, hope you can assess its true worth.

The full change log for version 4.0 can be seen here.