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    Translating the plugin generated content in your language does not require additional plugins. You can do this using the plugin menu. All default generated texts by the plugin are in English.

    Default Texts

    The plugin gives you a chance to change all default texts that are in English to your language. For the most popular and used features, you will see the fields directly when you configure. Example: network names (texts of buttons) you can change directly in the network picker, share counter texts you can change in the share counter setup screen.

    But there are still texts that do not have a separate field for that. Instead of using a translation plugin (like Loco Translate) or Poedit tool you can do this directly from settings.

    You can find fields in Advanced -> Translation Settings.

    Using the Translate menu you can change all the texts that plugin shows for users in your language. This contains fields not accessible inside the configuration settings. If you are looking for translation into multiple languages at the same time (your website is running on WPML or Polylang) refer to the Multilangual menu (visible only when WPML or Polylang are detected).

    • Copy Link Button Texts
    • Email Form
    • Love This Button Messages
    • Subscribe Forms (Internal Validation Messages)
    • After Share Events (Popular Posts)
    • Click to Tweet Text (for the Click to Tweet module)
    • Texts Appearing on Share Buttons Hover (example: Share on Facebook).

    The translate menu may not be active for all users by default. If so you should enable it from the Activate/Deactivate features. See the screencast below.

    Share Counter Text

    The translation of the share counter texts (share, shares, etc.) can be found in the Share Counter settings menu. To translate go to Sharing -> Share Counter Settings -> Total Share Counter panel and fill the texts you are using.

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