How to Set Up & Use More Networks (+) Button?

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    More button will display a list of networks just after a click over the button.

    For example like this

    A very popular implementation of the more button is the large used “Mashable” style share buttons – example of “Mashable” style share buttons.

    How to set up?

    Go to Social Sharing -> Networks and choose all the networks you want to display.

    To do this click on Add more networks button:

    From the popup list click to activate the networks from you want to display. Here you have to activate More button. When you tick off all desired networks press Choose:

    With drag and drop change the order of the buttons. All the networks located after More button will be displayed after clicking +button.


    Save your settings.

    Additional More Button Options

    Go to Social Sharing -> Networks -> Additional Network Options

    Under the More button section configure the outlook and functionality of your button.

    • Display all active networks after more button – clicking More button will show all networks activated at the previous step and ordered after More button under Social Networks. This is Mashable Style.
    • Display all social networks as popup – clicking More button will show popup window with all social networks, no matter what you have activated and where More button is ordered.
    • Display only active networks as popup – clicking More button will show popup window with all activated social networks. The difference with previous option is that here you will get popup display of activated networks only.
    • Inline popup of active networks after more – clicking More button will show popup window with all networks activated and ordered after More button. Here the popup is not on full screen, but just next to the button. And the buttons of the networks will be only icons (no text).
    • Inline popup of active networks after more – the same functionality as the option above, but the buttons are icons with text.

    More button style – define the outlook of the popup window, when popup style display is used (#2 and #3).

    • Classic – standard popup.
    • Modern – the popup appears on a black background with bigger letters.

    Template of social networks in more popup – allows choosing different button’s template only for the More popup. This option is useful when your main button’s template style is not appropriate for the popup. For example, if you use round or massive buttons for main display style, this won’t be OK in the popup window. And from this option, you can choose different display of the buttons valid for the popup only.

    Save your settings.

    More Button for a Display Positions

    The more button can be activated not only from the global settings but from the personalize settings for particular display position. This way you can add more button only for the sidebar display for example.

    Just go to Where to Display, activate the position you need under Positions and then under Position Settings configure the more button just for this display position. 



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