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    To control where your share buttons will appear you can use the Where to Display menu of plugin. Inside this menu you can find options for selected post types where share buttons will appear, button positions, mobile placement and etc.

    Selecting Post Types Where Share Buttons Will Appear Automatically

    Selecting Post Types (Posts, Pages, Products and etc.)

    Selection of post types will make share buttons appear automatically on them. The buttons will appear in the selected positions for the post types you mark.

    The list of options will include all public available default and custom post types. As an addition you have option to select display on the List of articles. If you choose display on the list of articles plugin will show share buttons on archive pages (category, tags, blog page, search results). The global site display methods with this option will always work. Content display methods will work depends on how theme is made – is it supporting custom content or not.

    If you plan to show share buttons manually on site with shortcode than you can remove selection here.

    Showing Share Buttons on Excerpts

    If you wish to show share buttons inside excerpts of the posts in post listings than you can activate the option here and choose top or bottom. The function uses the default WordPress excerpt display and share buttons will appear only if it is used by your theme.

    Deactivate Automatic Display

    • Exclude automatic display on – Exclude buttons on posts/pages with these IDs. Comma separated: “11, 15, 125”. This will deactivate automated display of buttons on selected posts/pages but you are able to use shortcode on them.
    • Deactivate plugin on – Deactivate buttons on posts/pages with these IDs. Comma separated: “11, 15, 125”. Deactivating plugin will make no style or scripts to be executed for those pages/posts. Plugin also allows to deactivate only specific functions on selected page/post ids.
    • Deactivate buttons display on homepage – Activation of this option will stop share buttons from appearing on home page of site
    • Automatic display buttons on – Provide list of post/page ids where buttons will display no matter that post type is active or not. Comma delimited values: “11, 15, 125”. This will reactivate automated display of buttons on selected posts/pages even if post type that they use is not marked as active.
    You can also deactivate specific functions for selected posts. The fields for this you can find in Manage Plugin Features. Learn more inside the Exclude Display of Functions in our blog.

    Selecting Position of Share Buttons on Site

    The positions that will share buttons automatically appear you can select in Where to Display -> Positions

    Primary Content Display Positions

    Those are positions that are related to content of site. They will appear only on single posts, pages, products and etc (those that are associated in the post type selection). Most of sites usually use such display in content as they are classic and proven to work. In case your social strategy does not require such (or does not look good as content is specific) you can choose manual with shortcode. The manual with shortcode mode will not show any share buttons inside content but all required for work styles and scripts will be loaded so you can show if needed share buttons manually or shortcode.

    In the content share buttons you can make a single selection for a display from the list.

    Additional Button Display Positions

    The additional button display positions include set of possible button displays that are not connected with the content. Those display methods may appear also on any archive pages or custom pages.

    Additional display button positions allows you to select multiple additional displays. As there is no limit about positions you can select we still advice to avoid using too many share display button methods as this may annoy your readers.

    Selecting Different Share Button Positions for Each Post Type

    The global share button positions work of all post types you select on site. But you can also choose display positions based on the post type. To do this inside the position settings set to Yes I Wish To Have Different Button Position For Different Post Types. Than you will see a list of each post types that you site has and you can choose personalized Primary Content Position and Additional Display Positions.

    If for selected post type is not made a selection the plugin will show the default share button positions.

    Access Position Settings

    Each share button position that you can select comes with additional set of share button options and display settings. Those settings you can access in Where to Display -> Position Settings -> Selected Position.

    It is really important with selecting a position to visit its own settings. Inside the position settings you will find option:

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