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    Social profile links are static buttons leading to your social profiles. They are similar to those in the Social Followers counter module of the plugin but there is no need to set up access details for followers (and you will not show the number of followers).

    General Setup

    To use the profile links on your site you need to enable the module from settings. This you can do from the Profile Links menu.

    When the module is enabled you will be able to include those buttons on your site using various methods: automatic as a sidebar or content bar, widget, shortcode, page builder Element. But before proceeding with the button inclusion on your site, you need to make a network selection.

    From the list of available networks, you should select those you will use. And you can use drag and drop to re-order the appearance. When you are ready with the list to proceed to the Networks menu where for each of the selected network you will be able to set profile address and optional call-to-action text.

    The display text with an icon (a.k.a. call-to-action text) is used when you select a design with text but also as an alternative text to your links. So we recommend filling text too in your language. If the field is blank plugin will set a default text.

    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.