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    templateTemplatePossible values

    • color – Color icons
    • roundcolor – Round Color Icons
    • outlinecolor – Outline Color Icons
    • grey – Grey icons
    • roundgrey – Round Grey Icons
    • outlinegrey – Outline Grey Icons
    • light – Light Icons
    • roundlight – Round Light Icons
    • outlinelight – Outline Light Icons
    • metro – Metro
    • flat – Flat
    • dark – Dark
    • tinycolor – Tiny Color
    • tinygrey – Tiny Grey
    • tinylight – Tiny Light
    • modern – Modern
    • modernlight – Modern Light

    animationAnimationPossible values

    • – Without animation
    • pulse – Pulse
    • down – Down
    • up – Up
    • pulse-grow – Pulse Grow
    • pop – Pop
    • wobble-horizontal – Wobble Horizontal
    • wobble-vertical – Wobble Vertical
    • buzz-out – Buzz Out

    alignAlignmentPossible values

    • left – Left
    • center – Center
    • right – Right

    sizeSizePossible values

    • – Default
    • small – Small
    • medium – Medium
    • large – Large
    • xlarge – Extra Large

    nospaceWithout space between buttonsPossible values

    • no
    • yes

    columnsColumnsPossible values

    • – Don’t show in columns (automatic width)
    • 1 – 1 Column
    • 2 – 2 Columns
    • 3 – 3 Columns
    • 4 – 4 Columns
    • 5 – 5 Columns
    • 6 – 6 Columns

    ctaShow texts with the buttonsPossible values

    • no
    • yes

    cta_verticalVertical text layoutPossible values

    • no
    • yes

    profiles_all_networksCustom list of networksPossible values

    • no
    • yes

    networksNetworksChange network order using the drag and drop. You should also fill the network profile links below that list.
    profile_facebookFacebook URL
    profile_text_facebookFacebook custom follow text
    profile_twitterTwitter URL
    profile_text_twitterTwitter custom follow text
    profile_pinterestPinterest URL
    profile_text_pinterestPinterest custom follow text
    profile_linkedinLinkedIn URL
    profile_text_linkedinLinkedIn custom follow text
    profile_githubGitHub URL
    profile_text_githubGitHub custom follow text
    profile_vimeoVimeo URL
    profile_text_vimeoVimeo custom follow text
    profile_dribbbleDribbble URL
    profile_text_dribbbleDribbble custom follow text
    profile_envatoEnvato URL
    profile_text_envatoEnvato custom follow text
    profile_soundcloudSoundCloud URL
    profile_text_soundcloudSoundCloud custom follow text
    profile_behanceBehance URL
    profile_text_behanceBehance custom follow text
    profile_foursquareFoursquare URL
    profile_text_foursquareFoursquare custom follow text
    profile_forrstForrst URL
    profile_text_forrstForrst custom follow text
    profile_mailchimpMailChimp URL
    profile_text_mailchimpMailChimp custom follow text
    profile_deliciousDelicious URL
    profile_text_deliciousDelicious custom follow text
    profile_instgramInstagram URL
    profile_text_instgramInstagram custom follow text
    profile_youtubeYouTube URL
    profile_text_youtubeYouTube custom follow text
    profile_vkVK URL
    profile_text_vkVK custom follow text
    profile_rssRSS URL
    profile_text_rssRSS custom follow text
    profile_vineVine URL
    profile_text_vineVine custom follow text
    profile_tumblrTumblr URL
    profile_text_tumblrTumblr custom follow text
    profile_slideshareSlideShare URL
    profile_text_slideshareSlideShare custom follow text
    profile_500px500px URL
    profile_text_500px500px custom follow text
    profile_flickrFlickr URL
    profile_text_flickrFlickr custom follow text
    profile_audiobooAudioboo URL
    profile_text_audiobooAudioboo custom follow text
    profile_steamcommunitySteam URL
    profile_text_steamcommunitySteam custom follow text
    profile_weheartitWeHeartit URL
    profile_text_weheartitWeHeartit custom follow text
    profile_feedlyFeedly URL
    profile_text_feedlyFeedly custom follow text
    profile_loveLove Counter URL
    profile_text_loveLove Counter custom follow text
    profile_mailpoetMailPoet URL
    profile_text_mailpoetMailPoet custom follow text
    profile_mymailmyMail / Mailster URL
    profile_text_mymailmyMail / Mailster custom follow text
    profile_spotifySpotify URL
    profile_text_spotifySpotify custom follow text
    profile_twitchTwitch URL
    profile_text_twitchTwitch custom follow text
    profile_mailerliteMailerLite URL
    profile_text_mailerliteMailerLite custom follow text
    profile_itunesiTunes URL
    profile_text_itunesiTunes custom follow text
    profile_deviantartDeviantart URL
    profile_text_deviantartDeviantart custom follow text
    profile_paypalPayPal URL
    profile_text_paypalPayPal custom follow text
    profile_whatsappWhatsApp URL
    profile_text_whatsappWhatsApp custom follow text
    profile_tripadvisorTripadvisor URL
    profile_text_tripadvisorTripadvisor custom follow text
    profile_snapchatSnapchat URL
    profile_text_snapchatSnapchat custom follow text
    profile_telegramTelegram URL
    profile_text_telegramTelegram custom follow text
    profile_xingXing URL
    profile_text_xingXing custom follow text
    profile_mediumMedium URL
    profile_text_mediumMedium custom follow text
    profile_patreonPatreon URL
    profile_text_patreonPatreon custom follow text
    profile_mixerMixer URL
    profile_text_mixerMixer custom follow text
    profile_tiktokTikTok URL
    profile_text_tiktokTikTok custom follow text
    profile_okOdnoklassniki URL
    profile_text_okOdnoklassniki custom follow text
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