Social Followers Counter: How to Setup

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    Activate Usage of Followers Counter and Network Setup

    STEP 1

    Go to Social Follow & Chat -> Social Followers Counter: Settings and activate the Followers Counter. This will make all the Followers counter settings display on your panel.

    Social Followers Counter: How to Setup 1

    Then go through the settings and configure the Followers Counter:

    I will not use Followers Counter widget – activate this option if you plan to use Followers Counter as a shortcode call. For example as a sidebar or if you want to display the Followers Counter anywhere else at your content but not via a widget.

    Update period – our advice is to work with the default update period or to set bigger. It is not recommended to use short periods as several hours because this may cause overloading server resources on high traffic sites.

    Number format  – chose format on your taste

    Allow user values – activate this option if you need to apply a custom counter value. This option is useful in case there is an issue with the connection to the API of any social network and the counter is missing for some reason. Please keep in mind that it is not recommended to use this option as a fake followers counter tool because this may work negatively to your image (when users click on followers button your social network profile page is loaded and there can be easily seen the real number of your followers).

    Clear stored values on settings update – in case you have used the previous option current setting will help you clear all your custom applied value data.

    Choose from the list the networks you want to display in your Followers Counter. Drag and drop to rearrange them on your taste. Update your settings.

    STEP 2

    Go to Social Follow & Chat -> Social Followers Counter: Social Networks

    Here you will see a list of the networks activated at the previous step. Please click on each network and fill all the data and keys required. Update your settings.

    Display Social Followers as Sidebar

    Go to Social Follow & Chat -> Social Followers Counter: Followers Sidebar and activate the module. This will display the sidebar settings.

    Social Followers Counter: How to Setup 2

    Use these settings to configure the Followers Sidebar display.

    Display Social Followers as Widget

    Go to Appearance -> Widgets in your WordPress panel and find the Easy Social Share Buttons: Followers Counter widget in your widget list. Locate the Followers counter widget where you want.

    Display Social Followers With Shortcode

    Go to Shortcode generator at ESSB Settings and press [easy-followers]

    Social Followers Counter: How to Setup 3

    Make the settings here that will define your Followers Counter display and press Generate Shortcode.

    Four shortcodes will be generated and will look something like this:

    Social Followers Counter: How to Setup 4

    Use the first code to display Followers Counter anywhere into your post/page content. Just paste it into page under edit mode of the page/post.

    The second shortcode is used when you want to implement the followers counter into template file of your theme so that there will be no need to add a custom shortcode for each post – Followers Counter will display automatically.

    The third and forth shortcodes are working the same way as previous but they use the new feature of version 5 to store generated shorcodes. Each time you set name of generated shortcode it will be stored inside settings. Using that method you can easy change the setup of shortcode and it will reflect on each location where it is used (without need to replace with the new generated code).


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