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    Social followers counter is a module of Easy Social Share Buttons which you can use to show social profile buttons and the number of followers on each of the chosen networks.

    All options of the module you can find in the Followers Counter menu.

    General Settings

    Those are the global options of the module. The reflect over the used networks, the update of the values, etc.

    • I will not use Followers Counter widget – when enabled, the module adds widgets to show the followers counter on site. If you do not plan to use those widgets, enable the option (for better performance).
    • Data update period – that is the period of refreshing the number of followers. The default option is one day but you can change that to smaller or greater value. On most of the sites, 1 day is good enough. If you use a cache plugin on your site then don’t set an update period that is smaller than the cache expiration.
    • Number format – that is how the user will see the value of followers. The first two options will show the full numbers but with a different delimiter. The last option will show a short value. If you have for example 1500 followers you will see 1.5k. As there is a dynamic of the followers on each of the social channels we recommend to use the short value instead of full. If the short value is used a small change will not reflect and can’t be seen by your visitors. Most of the social networks (like YouTube) start to migrate short value of followers/likes instead of full to keep good social proof of their users.
    • Include alternative text to the profile links – recommended if you optimize your website for accessibility. It will add an alternative text showing the name of the social network.
    • Clear stored values on settings update – inside the plugin, there is protection over your social follower values. The plugin will not show or store value if it is lower than the last update. In this case, if you receive a dramatic change in the followers the new value won’t show (or if you test with an account that has a bigger fan base). In this case, you can enable the option here. On each, save of the settings plugin will wipe out the current number of followers and you will have a fresh update, bypassing that protection.
    • Social Networks – select from the list networks you. Only networks that you mark will appear as setup in the additional options. In the list using drag and drop you can change the order of the appearance.

    Additional Network Settings

    To receive the number of followers for each network you need to do an additional setup. The fields you can find in the Followers Counter -> Networks menu.

    The required setup for each of the networks you can find inside the documentation we have for Hello Followers – another product of us for social followers counter display only. The documentation is located here

    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.