Showing Social Proof Notifications for Shares

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    The setting for social proof notifications you can find in the Social Proof menu of the plugin.

    • Delay before start showing – setup the initial time between the first notification.
    • Display time – Set how long to stay on screen each notification (in seconds).
    • Delay between – Set how long to wait before showing next notification (in seconds).
    • The number of notifications – choose how may notifications to show.
    • Minimal share number value – setup a minimal share value that the network should have to appear on the screen. If you leave blank it will show any network with at least 1 share.
    • Loop notifications – if enabled the notifications will start again when the last one is shown on screen.
    • Customize message – setup your own message (or message in your language)
    • Show share activity notification – Require the internal plugin analytics to run for getting the source of activity. Showing notifications displaying the recent sharing over the social networks.
    • Appear at – choose the location on the screen.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.