Show total number of shares [ easy-total-shares ]

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    Shortcode: [ easy-total-shares ]


    Argument Description
    message Text before total counter
    share_text Text after the number of shares
    align AlignmentPossible values

    • left – Left
    • center – Center
    • right – Right


    fullnumber Display the full numberShow 1,000 instead of 1kPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    inline Inline displayDisplay the value inside the content without breaking to a new linePossible values

    • no
    • yes


    url Custom URL for getting sharesThe custom URL option will work only if on the page there are no other calls for share counters with different URLs. If you use the shortcode on a page where you put different codes with different URLs probably you will see one counter on all and it will be from the last updated instance.
    postid Post IDEnter custom post ID where shortcode will read/store the share counter. If nothing is filled it will use the current post.
    networks Selected networks onlyMake a selection if you want to show the total value of selected networks only. Leave unchecked to show the total number of all networks.
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