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    The instructions are for version 7.0 or newer of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress


    The share counter setup screen holds all options related work of share counters on your site. In the settings screen, you will be able to configure the share counter update period, avoid negative social display, additional counter update options, counter recovery, fake counters, etc. But all those options will work only when you configure a design that uses social share counters. If you do not plan to use the share counters on your site the options below are not for you.

    The share counter options can be found under Social Sharing -> Share Counters Setup

    Share Counters Setup (Version 7) 1

    Share Counter Update

    Update Interval

    • Counter Update Interval – The counter update interval determines how frequent your share counters will update on site. You can choose from various options, including a real-time update. During the period your counters will be served from the cache stored locally on each post. If you are using a too short update interval you may need to activate additional counter update options (to ensure that share counters will update all the time). The real-time update is suitable only for testing and it is not intended to be used on live sites. Recommended for most sites is the 6 hours update period.

    Advanced Counter Update Options

    Share Counters Setup (Version 7) 2

    • Force counter update on the background when a cache plugin/server is used – Include additional on load check for share counter update with ajax call. The option will update counters on back, but you will not see them till the cache expires and updates. If your cache expiration period is greater than 1 hour there is no need to use this option. Warning! If not properly used the option may produce a high load over the server or slow down the page load.
    • Speed up process of counters update – The speed-up counters update process uses a version of the cURL library for calling multiple simulated connections at the same time. To update the share counter for a network, the plugin does a call to the API for getting the share values. The regular work is processing all the calls 1 by 1. With this option set to Yes, you will change the execution to all at the same time. Use this option with caution as not all servers support its usage. The option is not recommended to be used in combination with share recovery or when you have a short update period.
    • Increase update period for older posts – The option will increase the time for updating older posts. A post becomes older for the plugin when pass two weeks from publish date. After the two weeks from publishing, the plugin will double the update period. When one month passes the plugin will double the period again. Example: if your update period is 6 hours, after 2 of publishing it will become 12 hours, and again after two more weeks it will become 1 day.
    • Force save new shares – If the API share count request returns a lower number than previously recorded, we ignore the new number and retain the original higher number from the previous request. Activating this will force the new share number to be accepted even if it is a lower number than previously recorded. You may need this option only if you have a post showing greater than the real number of shares (for example after cloning or using a fake counter option) and you need to store the real share values.
    • Client side Facebook counter update – Use client side Facebook counter update to eliminate Facebook rate policy for number of connection you can send. The client side update will ensure your counters will frequently update. Option is compatible with share recovery. It is recommended for usage on sites to ensure a proper Facebook share counter update. The option will executed the share counter update inside client browser (not on server level) – see note below for more information.
    • Narrow Down Number of Share Counter UpdatesThe plugin updates all post share counters based on the update period you configure. If you run a high traffic site you may see a problem with the share counter update on less popular posts (those with fewer visitors). That happens because social APIs have connection rate limits. And on high traffic sites, the most visited posts update frequent and does not leave a spot for those that are less popular. This option is designed to make a balance in the process. With option active, the most popular posts (those that are frequent update) will get a skip in the queue saving a spot for less popular ones. You can also use this option in combination with “Increase update period for older posts
    Note. The client site update methods are executed with a call inside visitor browser to a related service (not on server side). The services imposes a connection rate limit that each site can use per hour. With the help of this option you can eliminate those rates. Another possible method that you can use is to increase the update period of your share counters and keep them running on the server side only. Use these option on your risk. By setting this option to Yes you understand that a counter update will be executed on the front of your site using a javascript functional call (instead on server level). The client site update also uses Facebook API 2.x and for security reasons is can’t be used with Facebook API 3.x (to prevent public visibility of connection token)

    Additional Share Counter Options & Features

    Avoid Social Negative Proof

    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING

    Avoid social negative proof allows you to hide button counters or total counter until a defined value of shares is reached. The feature is recommended for sites to eliminate the negative social proof effect when you show zero shares. To do this you can activate the avoid negative proof and fill for individual and total counter initial value of 1 share. This will ensure that the button will show the share counter only when at least 1 share is made.

    • Activate Usage of Avoid Negative Social Proof – the option control work of the function.
    • Display button counter after this value of shares is reached – This is the minimum share value individual network should have before the share counter become visible on site. If you set for example 10 in the field and you have 6 Facebook shares, the Facebook button will not show the counter. The counter will be visible when your Facebook shares become 10 or more.
    • Display total counter after this value of shares is reached – it’s the same as the individual share counter but applies for the total shares.

    Recover My Shares

    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING

    Share counter recovery allows you restore back shares once you make a permalink change (including installing a SSL certificate). Share recovery will show back shares only if they are present for both versions of URL (before and after change).

    • Previous URL format – make a selection only if the previous URL format you were using before the change is different. In this case, you can select from the list or fill a custom format (with the selection of Custom from the list). The format definition follows the exact WordPress permalink structure from the settings menu. If you do a change for the protocol or domain only then this field should remain as Unchanged.
    • Change of connection protocol – use this field only if you make a change of the connection protocol of your site. For example, you migrate from http (non-secure version) to https (a secure version of your site).
    • Previous Domain Prefix – use this field only if you move from www to non-www version of the site (or the opposite).
    • Domain change – in case of the domain name change, you need to use the Previous and Current domain fields. In the previous domain field, you need to set the exact used previous domain link – example: In the current domain field, you need to set the exact current domain – for example, When you do a domain name change we recommend to avoid usage of protocol and version fields. Instead of this defines the old domain with the version of the protocol.
    • Date of change – very rear used. The field can define the exact date when you do the change. The idea is to prevent do a call for recovery for all posts published after this date. But this option may also produce an issue with missing counters due to the difference in time formatting in WordPress themes. It may also cause a problem in share counters with old but update posts (the recovery will not work). Do not use it unless it is needed.
    The most common share recovery is when you do a migration from HTTP to HTTPS (a secure version of the site). As that is a common case you can look at the step by step tutorial here for that type of recovery. Please follow the steps exactly as you see them ensure success.

    Single Button Share Counter Options

    Additional options for the individual counter of a button.

    • Share counter format – Choose how you wish to present your share counter value – short number of full number. Various full value formats are present.
    • Animate numbers – will add a nice count down animation to show the exact share value. The option uses a javascript animation and it will start immediately after the page is fully loaded.

    Total Share Counter Options

    Additional options for the total share counter.

    • Change text “Total” used on Left/Right position – Provide a custom text or text in your language for the word “Total” when Left/Right counter display is used.
    • Change “Shares” text (plural) or Change “Share” text (singular) – Provide a custom text or text in your language for the Share/Shares word in the big number share counter styles.
    • Total counter icon – personalize the icon when total counter uses display with icon (used on entire site when such display of total counter is enabled).
    • Always generate total counter based on all social networks – enable this option if you wish to see total counter generated based on all installed in plugin social networks no matter of ones you have active. Default plugin setup is made to show total counter based on active for display social networks only and using different social networks on different locations may cause to have difference in total counter. Use this option with caution and always before manage the installed and active networks to avoid a potential server overload.
    • Share counter format – Choose how you wish to present your share counter value – short number of full number. Various full value formats are present.
    • Animate numbers – will add a nice count down animation to show the exact share value. The option uses a javascript animation and it will start immediately after the page is fully loaded.

    Additional Counter Display Rules

    Warning! The generation of the total share counter on the homepage based on all posts uses a database query to receive and sum all share counters saved by the plugin. That feature uses a cache to avoid generation the value on each page load. The default cache value is 30 minutes and we do not recommend to make smaller unless you have a really good server prepared for this. On a site with many posts, the update process may proceed with a one time delay on page load during the update.
    • Share counter on the homepage is from the shares of all posts and pages – enable this option to make your homepage show share counters based on the values plugin stores for each of the posts on site.
    • Cache for the total counter on the homepage – modify the default caching value of 30 minutes. Fill in just a numeric value representing minutes – example: 60. Avoid using too small values because you can overload the database server.
    • Do not show share counters on the homepage – hide the share counters on the homepage of your site, no matter of the styles that you select.
    • Do not show share counters on archive pages (category, tags, authors, etc.) – hide the share counters on any of the archive pages on site.

    Share Counter Update Provider Options

    Configure additional network-specific share counter update options (activate internal counter for all networks, deactivate internal counters, set Twitter counter update services, different Facebook API endpoint, etc.). Plugin has a default options configured suitable for most of the sites. But you may still need to pay attention or do a change in this section.

    • Track share clicks to get share counts for networks without APIs? – enable the option to make an internal counter available for all social networks that does not support counter API (without this option they will be share buttons that will not show a counter value – example: Mobile messenger applications)
    • Facebook counter update API – in plugin you can choose from different API update endpoints – public or private Facebook API update or SharedCount API. The difference is the date you will be able to receive. The public version (used by default) receive a general information about the number of shares. The private API receive a lot more information including likes, comments and engagements that will also take part of the share counter. If you decide to use private version of the update API, than you should also generate and fill Facebook token in the field below (follow the instructions in the generator link). If you choose to use SharedCount as an API update than you need to fill SharedCount token.
    • Twitter share counter – control the Twitter share counter work. You can choose between: no counter (does not use counter for Twitter), internal counter (count over the clicks of button, active by default) or few Twitter Counter alternatives. If you choose a Twitter counter alternative you need to follow the activation steps of the service you select (visit their site). In this case plugin will only display the value that service returns – in case it is wrong, you should contact counter services provide for details why so.
    • LinkedIn share counter – control the LinkedIn counter work. As LinkedIn does not have official counter you can choose to show internal counter (based on clicks) or do not show counter at all.
    • Client side Pinterest counter update – similar to the client side counter update for Facebook, but works for the Pinterest API. Very rear you need this option on your site and it is not recommended to activate unless you have at first check with our support team you really need it. But if your server appears on a region that Pinterest blocks from access than this option will help to keep counters updated using your visitors.
    • AddThis Internal Counter Support – Set this option to Yes if you have a used AddThis. The option will call the AddThis API to display the total number internal shares. As there is no network based split the value will be added only to the total counter. Due to AddThis restrictions the import will not work if you set to Yes the option “Speed Up Process Of Counters Update”
    • Deactivate counters for Mail & Print – disable the internal share counter for Mail and Print. Those buttons has internal share counter active by default and you can deactivate it from here.
    • Fully deactivate internal share counter tracking – Even when you do not display share counters on site at this moment plugin tracks internal counter with each button click. This is made to provide a share counter value when you decide to show or use share counters. Activation of this option will completely remove the execution and work of code for all internal tracked share counters – if you have any existing internal counter values they will stop increase and for all others it will not add a value. Hint: Rember that major networks like LinkedIn and Google+ removed share counters and there is no alternative of counter value at this time rather than internal counter.

    Fake Share Counters

    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING

    Increase the number of shares with a multiplier (fake values). As an addition, you can also change the values to internal counters for all networks.

    • Counter increase value – set a numeric value that will be used to increase the number of existing shares. Example if you set 5 the existing shares will be multiplied with 5: if you have 100 real shares, the plugin will show 500.
    • Make all share counters internalswitching to internal counters will change the way how share values are updated for networks with API. Instead of getting the real number of shares, the value will increase from the click over the share button (and stored internally on your site).
    If you did not see a mentioned on this page feature in your Social Share Setup screen probably this is because it is deactivated. You can enable it from the Activate/Deactivate Features menu.
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