What Does Plugin Mode in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress?

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is social media plugin for WordPress providing all must used functions for social media. No matter your are a novice or pro we have the exact plugin mode that will work for you. Using plugin modes you can easy adjust plugin from light share buttons with a tiny set of features to a full featured social media solution for every WordPress site. With selection of a working mode you will define the functions you will use – all others will be disconnected from the administrative interface and plugin code. That will make plugin works with everything you need and nothing more. The best is that you can change at any time the working mode without loosing your current made setup.

Behind the code each mode deactivates a list of options. If the mode that we have made as base is not exactly for you than the Manage Plugin Features menu will help to deactivate all not used features.

The change of plugin mode can be done at any time by accessing menu Switch Plugin Mode.


Different Plugin Modes Compared

Below you can find a quick compare of existing plugin modes and recommendation for type of usage.

Light Share Buttons Medium Share Buttons Advanced Sharing & Subscribe Sharing, Subscribe and Following Everything
Display Positions (Core) 7 11 16 16 ALL
Social Networks ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
Button & Counter Styles ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
Personalize Position Settings
Automatic Mobile Options
Advanced Mobile Options
Shareble Quotes
Short URLs
Social Share Optimization Tags
After Share Actions
Plugin Analytics
Affiliate & Point Plugin Integration
Custom Share Setup
User Message Before Share Buttons
Social Metrics
Conversions Lite
Translate to Different Languages
Social Followers Counter
Social Profile Links
Facebook Messenger Live Chat
Skype Live Chat
Subscribe Forms
Native Social Buttons
Plugin Integrations (WooCommerce, EDD, bbPress)

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