myCred Integration – Award Users For Sharing Content With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress [Sharing -> Affiliate Integration]

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    myCred is an adaptive points management system for WordPress powered websites, giving you full control over how points are gained, used, traded, managed, logged, or presented. myCred is free and powerful.

    With myCred integration, you can award users with points for sharing content using the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. The integration works with the free version of myCred.

    Initial Setup

    Before starting with the configuration you need to enable the feature from the activate/deactivate features menu.

    Activation of myCred Integration

    To activate the myCred integrations you need to visit the Social Sharing -> Affiliate Integration -> myCred


    You have access to various types of integration that can be used.

    Using the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress custom hook (recommended)

    This is the recommended method for integration with myCred. When you enable it a new hook will appear and all points will go inside it. And you will have access to customize the number of points or frequency that the user will get them.


    When you enable the option inside the plugin you also need to enable the hook inside myCred settings.

    Inside the hook you can configure:

    • Number of points users will get to click over share buttons
    • Frequency
    • Logging template


    Using myCred integration for click on links (legacy)

    This method of integration is available but we recommend using the custom hook. If enabled users will get their points via the default myCred hook for click over links (should be enabled).

    You can find more information about hook activation in the myCred documentation.

    Activate myCred Referral usage / Activate myCred Referral usage in shortcodes

    This custom hook is a very basic referral system that allows you to award or deduct points from users who refer visitors and/or signups. For this to work, each user on your website gains a unique referral ID. The options will automatically include this ID to the shared links generated automatically by plugin or by shortcodes used on site. To use the referral option you need at first to configure the Referral Hook in myCred – learn more in myCred knowledge base.

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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.