Managing Plugin Features – Enable or Disable Additional Plugin Functions

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    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is an all-in-one social media plugin. You have more than just share buttons in one place. You also have social followers counter, profile links, live chat, Instagram feed, proof notifications, Pinterest images, etc. 

    But you may not need all of them. In this case, you can just disable the features you don’t need (or enable those that are not available by default).

    Enable Features from Menu

    When you access the plugin settings you will find at the top bar direct access to all of the features. You will see next to the button the active features from the all.

    When you press the access button you will see the list of features. When you do a change do not forget to press the Save button.

    Using Additional Features Menu

    This menu is available only in version 7.x

    To be easily the most used social features can be enabled directly from the plugin menu. In the Social Sharing group or the Social Followers, you will find Additional Features. On the screen, you will see the most popular options with a single click activation. This also does the same as the direct menu links.

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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.