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    The Instagram Feed can display a static feed with up to 12 from the latest images from a username or hashtag. The Instagram Feed can also show a static embed image on site. All settings of the Instagram you can find in the Instagram Feed menu. In case you did not see this menu the module is not running and you should enable it.


    Connected Accounts

    Connecting a new account

    Starting March 2021 Instagram does not allow any more access to the API without authorization. To be able to use the feed you need to put a token key for each of the accounts.

    When you press the connect account button you will see a new screen opening. Put your token key inside that screen and press the validate button. If everything is OK you will see a green message at the bottom right corner along with your username and user id showing in the fields.

    If you plan to use the profile bio feature don’t forget to fill out the details below for the account – display name, bio, and profile picture (square image size recommended).

    Access to the Instagram data requires a valid token key. You can use an app to generate your own developer key or a tool. 

    Connected Accounts Options

    • Modify – you can open again the edit screen and change account settings. We don’t recommend changing the username or user id that are automatically generated.
    • Update images – it will call an immediate update of the stored images from the profile
    • Refresh token – it will extend the time of your token key.
    • Remove – remove the account and stored images in the database

    Basic Settings


    • Open items – the default setup is to open links as a pop-up element on site. You can change it to a direct link. The difference is that pop-up will show the details on your site (keep the user). The link will open the Instagram site and you may lose the visitor.
    • Enable widget – this will add a sidebar widget for showing Instagram feed. You can do this with a shortcode too.
    • Always load styles – the feature will load related styles only when the feature is added on site. In combination with other optimizations, this can produce a strange visual behavior (late-appearing styles). If so enable this option.
    • Default cache expiration time (hours) – change how frequent the information will update. Default is 6 hours. You can set a numeric value (example: 12).
    • Don’t show on mobile – hide the feed when a mobile device is running.
    • An additional cache of feed data – add a secondary level of the image cache. If the current update fails it will load the data from the cache instead of showing a blank field
    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.