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    The Instagram Feed can display a static feed with up to 12 from the latest images from a username or hashtag. The Instagram Feed can also show a static embed image on site.


    Basic Setup

    All settings of the Instagram you can find in the Instagram Feed menu. In case you did not see this menu the module is not running and you should enable it.

    Instagram Feed - Basic Setup 3

    • Open items – the default setup is to open links as a pop-up element on site. You can change it to a direct link. The difference is that pop-up will show the details on your site (keep the user). The link will open the Instagram site and you may lose the visitor.
    • Show item information on hover – showing the number of likes or comments on the hover of the image.
    • Enable widget – this will add a sidebar widget for showing Instagram feed. You can do this with a shortcode too.
    • Always load styles – the feature will load related styles only when the feature is added on site. In combination with other optimizations, this can produce a strange visual behavior (late-appearing styles). If so enable this option.
    • Default cache expiration time (hours) – change how frequent the information will update. Default is 6 hours. You can set a numeric value (example: 12).
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