In The Shared Information on Facebook, I See Shared Counts Appearing In The Description. How To Fix That?

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    The Problem

    Do the share numbers appear in the social sharing window like this?

    If so read below for a quick fix.

    How to Fix?

    When you share data with a social network, the network API reads the information from special tags called “Social Media Optimization Tags”. Those tags no matter generated from Easy Social Share Buttons or other plugin has default values based on the post content (automatically generated).

    When you select a top content location (top of content, post vertical float, float from the content top, follow me bar) the share buttons appear as part of the content. And other plugins that generated automatically social share optimization tags may read the share buttons as part of the content and show the share values in the description. That will not appear when you personalize the values of sharing (because the automatic messages won’t appear).

    The solution of this is to enable and use tags that plugin generates for social media optimization. The tags generated by plugin know when the data is automatically populated and they will never append share values in the information. The tags generated by Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offers everything you need for a detailed and personalized sharing. They contain all must-have features and they can fully replace the social media tags generated from any SEO plugin. Plus they also are fully integrated with WooCommerce for products too. Our tags will read also any optimizations you may have set in past or feature in the Yoast SEO plugin (automatically).

    Find out here how to enable the generation of those tags.

    Don’t forget that for proper sharing you need to have only one instance of social share optimization tags. And for the problem you look for a solution, this should be that tags generated by Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. The change you do may not appear immediately due to the Facebook cache of sharing. Read more about that cache here.

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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.