How to use the Advanced Mobile options (and do you need to use them)?

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    The advanced mobile options require server-side mobile detection to work. The advanced mobile options can’t work if you have a server-side cache or optimization plugin. Refer to setup responsive mobile share buttons if you are unsure about your website.


    The advanced mobile settings are located in Where to Display -> Advanced Mobile.

    No advanced mobile settings

    This is the default mode. The advanced mobile options are not running and you can use safely the responsive options.

    Deactivate on mobile

    The plugin will deactivate the components for sharing on mobile devices. Note that as mentioned above this requires server-side mobile detection. The server-side mobile detection is not available if you are using a cache or optimization plugin (or server cache).

    Enable advanced mobile options

    General Setup

    When you enable the advanced mobile options you will see a new screen showing.

    • Inline content share buttons – choose positions that will be used for the content share buttons. In the list, you will see only positions that are good for mobile appearance. Note that if you are using the same positions on desktop and mobile they will share the same style.
    • Additional button display positions – those are the additional display positions you can enable for mobile. Here you can also find the special mobile-optimized display methods. The additional settings of those methods you can find in the Positions menu.
    • Do not apply mobile settings for tablets – don’t apply mobile options if a table device is used (by default tablets are marked as a mobile device).
    • Open sharing window in the same tab – by default plugin links open all share commands in a new tab. In case you don’t wish this on mobile enable the option.
    • Customize active social networks – select a personalized list of networks that will be used on mobile. This list will overwrite the global network options only. It won’t affect if the position has custom settings.

    Responsive Mode

    In the advanced mode, you will also have an option to activate the responsive mode. There is no difference in the work of automatic responsive share buttons for mobile and the option here for responsive design. They are the same. But using the option from this screen will leave uncover the additional display options for mobile-optimized display methods. And those options for mobiles will work in responsive mode.

    • Width of the screen – change the width where the mobile responsive mode will trigger
    • Hide read blocking methods – this will hide methods that will block the site reading (example: sidebar).
    • Hide all share buttons on mobile – hide any share buttons display on site
    • Control mobile-optimized display methods – show the mobile-optimized display methods on-site when the screen resolution is small enough.
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