We regularly release updates for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. These updates add or improve features, correct work of plugin as of Social Network change or even fix issues with the plugin. In this article we will cover two update methods for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

    Automatic Updates

    Note: Automatic updates are available for activated licenses only, so make sure you have already activated your Easy Social Share Buttons license before we get started. For more details, please read our instructions on how to activate your license.

    Once you have confirmed that your license is activated, go to Dashboard » Updates and check if there is an update available for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. If there is an update, make sure to run it.

    That’s all! Simple as that.

    Manual Updates

    You can also update your Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress by downloading it manually. You can download always up to date version from your Envato account. Before installing the downloaded plugin, you must deactivate and delete your old plugin first. All your settings will remain the same as they were before removing the old version.

    Theme Bundled Versions Update

    If you receive plugin bundled inside a theme you need to request the latest version from theme author or receive it as update with theme installation. The updated plugin version can be installed manually like described in above or using the theme automatic update mechanism for plugins.

    If you have theme bundled version of plugin but you wish to receive automatic updates immediately after release you need to purchase a separate Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress key. You get your own key from here.

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