How to Setup Custom Share URL for The Social Share Buttons

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    With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can set a custom share URL. If such URL is provided the plugin will use it instead of the post/page address that is automatically assigned.

    Important! Almost all social share networks read the custom share details using the custom URL you provide. In the custom share options the key parameter that you need to fill is URL. On that URL you need to setup the social share optimization tags with the message you need. The additional options that you can see (title, description and image) are used only by a very small amount of social networks. Read more for customizing the share message

    Setup Custom Share URL for Entire Site

    The option will allow to setup a custom share URL that will be used on the entire site. To make it visit Social Sharing -> Custom Share and set the option to Yes. Than you can fill the custom share details.


    Setup Custom Share Message for a Single Post/Page

    The same settings like those on the global plugin fields you can find in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress post share customizations. The custom details filled inside will appear only for the current post/page.

    Shortcode Usage

    If you are using shortcode for share buttons you can send the URL option parameter with the custom share address.

    [ easy-social-share-buttons url="" ]


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