How to set a custom share message in the social media optimization tags (homeage, individual post, page) – Facebook, LinkedIn X (Twitter), Pinterest, etc.

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    If you choose to use social media optimization tags generated from a different plugin, bypass the information below.

    Homepage Social Media Optimization Information (Share Message)

    This is the information appearing in the sharing of your homepage. You need to fill and change from the plugin settings.

    Single Post, Page, Product, Etc. Social Media Optimization Information (Share Message)

    Each post, page, product or any custom post type of your website will have automated social media optimization tags. Those tags contain the default components of content – title, description generated from excerpt and image from the featured image. For 50% of users that is good enough. But if you need to boost the social reach it is highly recommended to generate engaging and optimized sharing information.

    That is why on each post or page in the edit mode you will see the Social Media Optimization tag fields. In the preview, you will see the default generated message. This is not a real preview, but an approximate view of what will appear when you share.

    Using the fields you can customize one component of sharing or all.

    In the social share optimization block on each post you can set:

    • Social Media Image – Add an image that is optimized for maximum exposure on most social networks. We recommend 1200px by 628px
    • Social Media Title – Add a title that will populate the open graph meta tag which will be used when users share your content onto most social networks. If nothing is provided here, we will use the post title as a backup. We recommend usage of titles that does not exceed 60 characters
    • Social Media Description – Add a description that will populate the open graph meta tag which will be used when users share your content onto most social networks.We recommend usage of description that does not exceed 160 characters
    • Customize Open Graph URL – Important! This field is needed only if you made a change in your URL structure and you need to customize og:url tag to preserve shares you have. Do not fill here anything unless you are completely sure you need it – not proper usage will lead to loose of your current social shares and comments.
    • Article Author Profile – Add link to Facebook profile page of article author if you wish it to appear in shared information. Example:

    Change the Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. sharing the message

    Most social networks use social media tags to customize the sharing message. Those are a tiny piece of code that provides information for the page like title, description, image, etc. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress generate those tags automatically using the existing post information. You can change those on each post or page.


    Change the Tweet (Twitter / X)

    You can change the Tweet separately from other social media tags. You can also customize the global hashtags and users on each post.

    Pinterest Image

    The plugin allows picking a specific Pinterest image for sharing. Along with a custom description. The custom image can be chosen only if the Pin button mode is not to share any image of your website (but a specific image only). Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can also do repinning of an existing pin if you set the ID.

    The customizations of the image and description initially are used by the Pinterest share button. But they can also take part in the Pinterest Pro image button (if used).

    Custom Sharing Message

    The custom share message panel contains fields to modify the core share parameters. What you should know is even you see all fields, social networks do not support all. For example, Facebook accepts only URLs (so changes in the other fields won’t reflect).

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