How To Recover Shares When You Switch To HTTPS (activate SSL)?

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    Did you miss your share counters? May be you have made a change of the URL structure on your site which causes this. A typical cause for missing share counters is migration to SSL (switch from http to https). The great news is that Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a share recover that will help you restore back shares in this situation.

    If you have made just a change of protocol (from http to https) follow instructions and make the settings look exactly like in description and screenshot. Otherwise the recovery may not work properly as you will not generate the correct URL.

    How to activate share recovery after you make the migration from http to https.

    1. Ensure that your counter update mode is not set to Real time. To do this go to Social Sharing -> Share Counter Setup and on the update counter field you should see anything different than real time.
    2. Inside Social Sharing -> Share Counter Setup activate share counter recovery and set a cause of change to be Change of protocol from http to https. The recommended settings should look like this:

    Additional counter update options are recommended to be made to ensure all counters will update properly and you will not overload the server. All that options are located in the same settings screen for counters (Social Sharing -> Share Counters Setup:

    • Avoid usage of the options for cache plugin server update mode and speed up counter update. The usage depends on resources, traffic to your site and update time but in recovery mode we recommend if they are really not needed to be set to No. The reason is to save server from too much load.

    • The option to increase update period for old post can be set to Yes. This option will make all posts that are older than 1 month to have to double update period from the one you set above.

    • The option to use Client Side Facebook Counter Update is highly recommended to be set to Yes. Facebook apply a strict connection limitation which may lead to miss share counters on your site unless this option is set to Yes

    If you have already made this but share counters are still not showing on your site, please open a ticket inside support system and we will assist you.

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