[Guide] How to configure share counter recovery when you switch to HTTPS (adding an SSL certificate to the website)?

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    Did you miss your share counters? May be you have made a change of the URL structure on your site which causes this. A typical cause for missing share counters is migration to SSL (switch from http to https). The great news is that Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a share recover that will help you restore back shares in this situation.

    If you have made just a change of protocol (from http to https) follow instructions and make the settings look exactly like in description and screenshot. Otherwise the recovery may not work properly as you will not generate the correct URL.

    How to activate share recovery after you make the migration from http to https

    Enable the Share Recovery

    The share counter setup screen holds all options related work of share counters on your site. In the settings screen, you will be able to configure the share counter update period, avoid negative social display, additional counter update options, counter recovery, fake counters, etc. But all those options will work only when you configure a design that uses social share counters. If you do not plan to use the share counters on your site the options below are not for you.

    The most common reason for the usage of share recovery is when you move from HTTP -> HTTPS protocol. And you can easily activate that type of recovery with a single click.

    The share counter recovery options are located in the Share Counter Setup settings.

    To enable the recovery scroll to Recover my Shares panel and press the Configure button.

    On the new screen enable only the marked options like in the screenshot (others should stay to default state like in the picture).

    When the option is active on your site you will see a blue badge says RUNNING

    Additional Changes in Counter Setup That You Need to Apply

    Those options are not required for the proper work of the share recovery. But they may help the recovery process works better.

    Counter Update Period

    Don’t set an update period of counters for less than 6 hours. If your website has fewer visitors it is OK but for high traffic sites, we recommend 6 hours or more. Too small update period will cause posts to miss share counters because your quota for requests is over.

    Enable usage of the “Increase update period for older posts”

    The option changes the flat update period you choose into a dynamic based on the post’s age. The oldest posts will update less frequently than those you recently published.

    Ensure Updating the Facebook Counter Options and Put a Correct Token Key

    Ensure that you are using a token key for the Facebook API access.

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