How to Optimize Plugin Load of Static Resources (CSS and Javascript files)

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    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a complete set for social media containing social share buttons, social followers counter, subscribe forms, social profile links, live chat and click to chat. The default plugin usage of social sharing requires to load a single CSS and javscript file for all those features. But activating additional features you need to refer optimization options and do a proper setup to ensure to additional questions are needed.

    Important! If you are using a cache plugin with CSS/Javascript minification, optimization plugin for CSS and javascript or CDN you may need to set anything inside optimization – leave the default option to ensure your cache/optimization plugin or CDN will work properly.

    Using Optimization Plugin Options to Load Resources

    All plugin optimization options you can find in Advanced Settings -> Optimization Options.

    Optimization Level

    Optimization levels are pre-configured options for various type of usage. Those are basic setups for users that does not have time to manual optimize the load. For a deep optimization on each site you can use the Custom mode.

    CSS Files

    • Use minified CSS files – option control will plugin load the minified or regular version of CSS files (Recommended)
    • Load plugin inline styles into footer – activation of this option will move all generated dynamic styles inside plugin footer (Recommended if you do a high style customization – otherwise leave as No)
    • Use Style Builder – allows to choose and build a static file (or not load any resources) based on the need (Advanced Usage Only)

    Javascript Files

    • Use minified javascript files – control will it load or not the minified or regular version of script (Recommended)
    • Load scripts inside head element – use only if you have a problem with the optimization plugin on your site and plugin scripts. This option will load all scripts in the head instead of footer and it will produce additional code above the fold.
    • Load plugin javascript files asynchronous – use this option to load scripts in non render blocking way during page load (Recommended)
    • Load plugin javascript files deferred – use this option to load scripts in non render blocking way after page is fully loaded

    Global Optimizations

    Pre-compiled mode is a recommended for usage in case you does not have optimizations on your site. It will generate a static CSS and Javascript file with all used scripts, styles and dynamic generated content. The cache of that files will update each time you save settings or manually press the clear button.

    • Use plugin precompiled resources – option will scan and save all used scripts and styles in a single CSS and Javascript file. Highly recommend to be used on sites when you are using additional than sharing features
    • Precompiled mode – control which resources will be cached in a single file (CSS, Javascript or both)
    • Precompiled data storage – control the location where cached files will be stored
    • Unique filename – option is added to generate each time when cache is cleared unique filename. If not active the cache file will have the same name if you does not change used features
    • Remove version number of static files – the option will remove the addition of plugin file version. You will see the default WordPress versions or non if you have an extra plugin for this. You can use it to hide plugin version on your site.
    • Load resources – control where resources will load – everywhere or just on selected post types where plugin will show features. In case you will use plugin with shortcodes it is not recommended to change the everywhere loading mode.

    Features That Cannot be Optimized

    Even in plugin you can find a lot of optimizations there are a few things you cannot control.

    • Native social buttons. Those are the buttons provided by social networks – example Facebook like button. Those buttons are not active by default and they are not required from plugin to work. You can activate them from the Natives menu or in After Share Events if you choose the mode for this. Those buttons require loading social API and it will add extra calls that are not possible to be optimized
    • Live Chat – again that is a connected to a social network API files that will add extra calls which you cannot optimize.

    If you have any problems with optimizations or setup do not hesitate to contact support team at

    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.