How to Generate Facebook Access Token (Application Based for Share Counters Update)

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    The Facebook token is required to use the authorized accessed API for share counters. This API provides additional details over the typical share values – you will have access also to likes and comments. To generate your token follow the steps:

    Step 1

    Visit the Facebook Developer Center: and create a new application from the menu.

    Step 2

    Fill the application name and verify your email

    Step 3

    Visit the basic settings and fill the following information: Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, Category (Business and Pages is good to go). Optional you can select the domain name which app can use (to prevent unauthorized usage on other sites) – the App Domains field.

    The changes above are required to make the application public accessible on the top of the developer center. By clicking on OFF it will go to green ON.

    When you are ready with the public app press the Show button next to the secret. You need to reveal the application ID and secret to generate the required token.

    Step 4

    Open and in the fields copy/paste the application ID and application secret and press the generate button. You will see the token ready to copy/paste inside plugin settings.

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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.