How to Disable Yoast SEO Social Share Optimization Tags Generation?

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    To have a full control of your shared data over most of social share networks you need to include inside content of your site social share optimization tags. Those tags are Open Graph Tags read by Facebook and almost all other social networks. Only for Twitter you have dedicated tags called Twitter Card.

    It is really important to have only one appearance inside code of those tags and inside this article we will show you how to deactivate tags from Yoast SEO plugin and leave only tags generate by Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. To do this just follow the steps below.

    Open/activate Social menu of Yoast SEO

    Navigate inside WordPress admin dashboard and search for SEO menu and select Social. If under your settings you did not see Social appearing that means that Yoast SEO is beginner mode and you need to change that. Go to Dashboard and choose Features. Once after located Advanced Page options and set to Enabled. Once after that Save settings

    Deactivate generation of Open Graph meta data (a.k.a. Facebook Tags)

    Open Social menu and navigate to Facebook tab. Set option “Add Open Graph meta data” to be disabled and Save Settings.

    Deactivate generation of Twitter Cards

    Open in same settings Twitter tab, set “Add Twitter Card meta data” to disabled and Save Settings

    That was all required as change to be made. Once you complete them do not forget to clear cache of your site if you use cache plugin or cache server.

    Do not forget that Facebook has cache of all shared data. No matter changes you made they will not appear automatically unless you use Open Graph Debugger tool (otherwise it may take up to 14 days before you see them).

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