How to Add Social Profile Links on Your Site

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    All methods of display require to make the initial setup of networks inside plugin settings. If you do not do this there will be no button to appear. For widget and shortcode usage, you can choose also a custom profile buttons (but only when those methods are used).

    Adding Profile Buttons as Floating Sidebar

    The option can be enabled from the Profile Links -> Floating Sidebar menu.

    When enabled you will see static and privacy safe profile links floating on the selected side of the screen. Example:

    • Floating sidebar position – select the screen placement of the bar. If you already use a sidebar display for share buttons or have a different plugin showing sidebar elements, choose the opposite side of existing designs. Otherwise, you may see buttons overlap each existing component.
    • Do not show on mobile devices – the floating sidebar may be a reading blocking method based on the device. That is why we recommend this option to be enabled and hide the bar on mobile devices.
    • Remove spacing between buttons – if enabled all of your buttons will be connected without space between (like a real sidebar component).
    • Buttons template – choose a template for the buttons. As that is a floating sidebar that may appear over various sections full-color templates are recommended. The templates are the same as in the Followers Counter module.
    • Button size – allow to change the size of each button to smaller or bigger.
    • Animation – add an eye-catching animation on hover of the buttons.

    Adding Profile Buttons Automatically Below Content of Posts

    The feature will add the profile buttons only below the content of Posts. It will not add on pages or additional custom post types you have. If enabled you will see a design like this:

    • Align content and profile buttons – select the alignment of the profile buttons based on the content area. The alignment will work only if you do not use the fluid width (stretched to the entire content width).
    • Custom content position – the option will work only if you provide custom content. You can choose to appear before the buttons on a new row or at the left before buttons (on the same row).
    • Custom content – this is the content that may appear with your profile buttons. HTML and shortcodes supported.
    • Profile buttons width – select the width of the buttons. If you leave it at default the buttons will appear as square boxes. If you select a fluid full width, the plugin will automatically stretch to fit in the content area width. The fluid full width is not suitable if you have many social networks.
    • Show CTA texts – enable if you wish to see the custom texts you set. If you enable, check the design if you use the fluid full width – if you have multiple buttons with CTA texts that may not fit well in the content. In this situation, we recommend the usage of the default width.
    • Remove spacing between buttons – remove the default spacing between buttons and connect them.
    • Choose the template that you will use – select the template for the buttons. You can use any of the available templates.
    • Choose animation that you will use – select hover animation over the buttons. The animation will reflect only the bar below the post and none of the other instances.
    • Profile buttons size – increase or decrease the default size of buttons. The size change usually reflects over the space and icon size. Only on the smaller sizes, it will also correct the font size of CTA text.

    Adding Profile Buttons With Widget

    You can add profile buttons to a sidebar or any other area of your site that supports widgets using the Social Profiles widget.

    • Title – this is the title of the widget. This title won’t appear on the front of the site unless the option to show the title is enabled. This we made to allow name your widgets even when you don’t need that title on the front of the site.
    • Template – the template for the profile buttons.
    • Align – select the alignment of the profile buttons. If you don’t use the column display the option will align the buttons to the related content area. If you select the column layout, the alignment will be applied over the content of the profile button in the column.
    • Size – control or change the default size of the buttons.
    • Animation – select on hover animation for the widget only.
    • Remove space between buttons – connect buttons without the default space between.
    • Columns – select if you wish your buttons to appear in columns stretched to the entire available area where you place the widget. The default setting is to use an automated square size. The column display gives additional flexibility to show designs. Choose the columns based on other design options and area width.
    • Show texts with the buttons – enable if you wish to see the CTA texts with the icon in the button. 
    • Vertical text layout – works only in combination with Show texts with the buttons option. The default text appearance is on the right side of the icon. With this option, you can split icons and text into different rows.
    • Custom network list – mark if you wish to set a custom list of networks for the profiles, different from those in the default settings. The option allows the setup of address per network and only the networks that have such will appear. You do not have an option to control the order of appearance – always will be used as the global one.

    Adding Profile Buttons With Shortcode

    The shortcode is the most flexible method for adding profile buttons. Using shortcode you can place buttons anywhere inside content (where shortcodes are supported, including page builders) or embed buttons easy inside the theme code.

    Add social profile links anywhere on your site

    [ easy-profiles ]

    Shortcode Arguments

    Argument Description
    template TemplatePossible values

    • color – Color icons
    • roundcolor – Round Color Icons
    • outlinecolor – Outline Color Icons
    • grey – Grey icons
    • roundgrey – Round Grey Icons
    • outlinegrey – Outline Grey Icons
    • light – Light Icons
    • roundlight – Round Light Icons
    • outlinelight – Outline Light Icons
    • metro – Metro
    • flat – Flat
    • dark – Dark
    • tinycolor – Tiny Color
    • tinygrey – Tiny Grey
    • tinylight – Tiny Light
    • modern – Modern
    • modernlight – Modern Light


    animation AnimationPossible values

    • – Without animation
    • pulse – Pulse
    • down – Down
    • up – Up
    • pulse-grow – Pulse Grow
    • pop – Pop
    • wobble-horizontal – Wobble Horizontal
    • wobble-vertical – Wobble Vertical
    • buzz-out – Buzz Out


    align AlignmentPossible values

    • left – Left
    • center – Center
    • right – Right


    size SizePossible values

    • – Default
    • small – Small
    • medium – Medium
    • large – Large
    • xlarge – Extra Large


    nospace Without space between buttonsPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    columns ColumnsPossible values

    • – Don’t show in columns (automatic width)
    • 1 – 1 Column
    • 2 – 2 Columns
    • 3 – 3 Columns
    • 4 – 4 Columns
    • 5 – 5 Columns
    • 6 – 6 Columns


    cta Show texts with the buttonsPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    cta_vertical Vertical text layoutPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    profiles_all_networks Custom list of networksPossible values

    • no
    • yes


    networks NetworksChange network order using the drag and drop. You should also fill the network profile links below that list.
    profile_facebook Facebook URL
    profile_text_facebook Facebook custom follow text
    profile_twitter Twitter URL
    profile_text_twitter Twitter custom follow text
    profile_pinterest Pinterest URL
    profile_text_pinterest Pinterest custom follow text
    profile_linkedin LinkedIn URL
    profile_text_linkedin LinkedIn custom follow text
    profile_github GitHub URL
    profile_text_github GitHub custom follow text
    profile_vimeo Vimeo URL
    profile_text_vimeo Vimeo custom follow text
    profile_dribbble Dribbble URL
    profile_text_dribbble Dribbble custom follow text
    profile_envato Envato URL
    profile_text_envato Envato custom follow text
    profile_soundcloud SoundCloud URL
    profile_text_soundcloud SoundCloud custom follow text
    profile_behance Behance URL
    profile_text_behance Behance custom follow text
    profile_foursquare Foursquare URL
    profile_text_foursquare Foursquare custom follow text
    profile_forrst Forrst URL
    profile_text_forrst Forrst custom follow text
    profile_mailchimp MailChimp URL
    profile_text_mailchimp MailChimp custom follow text
    profile_delicious Delicious URL
    profile_text_delicious Delicious custom follow text
    profile_instgram Instagram URL
    profile_text_instgram Instagram custom follow text
    profile_youtube YouTube URL
    profile_text_youtube YouTube custom follow text
    profile_vk VK URL
    profile_text_vk VK custom follow text
    profile_rss RSS URL
    profile_text_rss RSS custom follow text
    profile_vine Vine URL
    profile_text_vine Vine custom follow text
    profile_tumblr Tumblr URL
    profile_text_tumblr Tumblr custom follow text
    profile_slideshare SlideShare URL
    profile_text_slideshare SlideShare custom follow text
    profile_500px 500px URL
    profile_text_500px 500px custom follow text
    profile_flickr Flickr URL
    profile_text_flickr Flickr custom follow text
    profile_audioboo Audioboo URL
    profile_text_audioboo Audioboo custom follow text
    profile_steamcommunity Steam URL
    profile_text_steamcommunity Steam custom follow text
    profile_weheartit WeHeartit URL
    profile_text_weheartit WeHeartit custom follow text
    profile_feedly Feedly URL
    profile_text_feedly Feedly custom follow text
    profile_love Love Counter URL
    profile_text_love Love Counter custom follow text
    profile_mailpoet MailPoet URL
    profile_text_mailpoet MailPoet custom follow text
    profile_mymail myMail / Mailster URL
    profile_text_mymail myMail / Mailster custom follow text
    profile_spotify Spotify URL
    profile_text_spotify Spotify custom follow text
    profile_twitch Twitch URL
    profile_text_twitch Twitch custom follow text
    profile_mailerlite MailerLite URL
    profile_text_mailerlite MailerLite custom follow text
    profile_itunes iTunes URL
    profile_text_itunes iTunes custom follow text
    profile_deviantart Deviantart URL
    profile_text_deviantart Deviantart custom follow text
    profile_paypal PayPal URL
    profile_text_paypal PayPal custom follow text
    profile_whatsapp WhatsApp URL
    profile_text_whatsapp WhatsApp custom follow text
    profile_tripadvisor Tripadvisor URL
    profile_text_tripadvisor Tripadvisor custom follow text
    profile_snapchat Snapchat URL
    profile_text_snapchat Snapchat custom follow text
    profile_telegram Telegram URL
    profile_text_telegram Telegram custom follow text
    profile_xing Xing URL
    profile_text_xing Xing custom follow text

    Add social profile bar anywhere in content

    [ profile-bar ]

    This shortcode does not have any settings but require to made an initial setup inside plugin menu.

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