How to Active Mobile Responsive Share Buttons Mode?

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    Responsive Mode or Server-side Mobile Detection

    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress support two types of mobile display: Mobile Optimized and Responsive mode (legacy mode). The main difference is how those methods of display work. Responsive mode is used to change design of elements based on screen resolution – that makes on site to have initially loaded all versions and code require to run them. The mobile optimized display works on server side level. That mode detects what type of device browses the site and displays the exact setup and optimized for it – that makes mobile optimized display to be more flexible, with highly optimized code for any device and works faster than responsive design.

    By default Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress uses a server side mobile detection. The server-side detection allows to server a detailed and specific optimized mobile work. If you are using a cache plugin or service on your site that does not support a separate mobile cache, than you can use the responsive mode or deactivate mobile caching to allow server-side detection work. You can find here tutorials for popular cache plugin about deactivation of the cache on mobile devices (in case you will not use responsive mode).

    How to Activate Responsive Mode

    1. Go to mobile settings of Easy Social Share Buttons found under Where to Display -> Mobile -> Display Options and choose one of the three methods marked with ticket mobile:

    How to Active Mobile Responsive Share Buttons Mode? 1

    2. Scroll down at the same tab and activate Client Side Mobile Detection (Simple Responsive Mode) and turn on all the options that will be shown after the activation:

    How to Active Mobile Responsive Share Buttons Mode? 2

    • Width of screen – control the mobile responsive break point. Default is 840px but you can enter your own value
    • Hide read blocking methods – this option will ensure that read blocking methods like Sidebar, Pop up, Vertical Float, Fly In and etc. will remain hidden
    • Hide all share buttons on mobile – this option will ensure that every share buttons that are not part of the mobile displays will work. Use it with caution as it may prevent any share buttons to appear on desktop
    • Control mobile optimized displays – this is the most important option that is required to work the responsive design


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