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    Inside Easy Social Share Buttons, you have an email button for sharing. The button has two different option modes that you can use based on your needs. All settings of the email button you can manage from Social Sharing -> Global Network Options -> Email.

    Mode #1 – Form

    The default plugin mode is using a form on site. This mode if enabled shows on your site the following screen pressing the button.


    The form uses a server-side share command and sends the email via the WordPress standard setup.

    Mode #2 – Mail App

    The second available mode is using the customer email application. In this case, instead of using the form, the plugin using the standard mail command will launch the visitors’ default mail application (Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.). This mode is always enabled by default on mobile devices (no matter setup you have).


    The email button settings available in the Additional Network Options are:

    • Send to mail button function – indicates the mode of sharing you are using – form or app
    • Subject – this is the message subject. It is used by both modes.
    • Message – this is the message body. It is used by both modes.
    • Display preview of mail message – used only by form. Showing below fields the email message users will receive.
    • Send a copy of all messages to – field to fill email that will receive a BCC copy of each message sent from the form.
    • Use the following security check when the form is used – that is a dedicated unique security check function. Along with the standard WordPress salts the check generates on each plugin installation or updates a new unique random key. This key should exist or message won’t send. Prevent a hotlinking of the mail actions. Recommended staying at an advanced level.
    • Allow usage of pop up mail form on mobile devices – allows usage of the form on mobile. Each smarthone requires an email to activate and has an active mobile app. We recommend keeping this option to No so the plugin can call the app instead of the form. But left for those that need it.
    • Captcha Message and Captcha Answer – provide your security message and answer.

    Composing of the message has a few variables that you can use:

    • %%title%% – this is the title of the current post or page.
    • %%siteurl%% – this is the main URL of your website (example:
    • %%permalink%% – this is the current post or page URL (example:
    • %%shorturl%% – this is the post or page short URL. The short URL contains a value when a short URL option inside the plugin is running. Otherwise, it will return the same as %%permalink%%.
    • %%image%% – this is the URL of the post featured image.
    • %%from_email%% – this is the Your email field value. Available only when the form is used.
    • %%from_name%% – this is the Your name field value. Available only when the form is used.
    • %%to_email%% – this is the email recipient value. Available only when form is used.
    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.