Can I Activate Theme Bundled Version of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress?

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    What are the differences between the Premium Version and the version included with my Theme?

    The version of the plugin you have along with a theme you purchase comes with “Theme bundled license”. Those versions of plugins cannot be activated with the theme purchase code. If the theme developer follows the theme integration technique we have posted inside the knowledge base you will see “Theme integrated” in the activate screen.

    As a theme integrated version you will not have access only to the following options:

    • Automatic plugin updates
    • Direct support from plugin author (“us”) for work with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
    • Install of the free bundled in plugin extensions

    Everything outside will work just like all regular plugin versions that are activated.

    If your version says “Not registered” and you wish to remove the message, you can still add the same snippet for theme integration that we recommend to all theme authors.

    The code snippet should be placed in your functions.php file of the WordPress theme you are using, just before the end.

    add_filter('essb_is_theme_integrated', 'my_theme_essb_is_in_theme');
    function my_theme_essb_is_in_theme() {
      return true;


    If you have theme bundled version of plugin but you wish to receive automatic updates immediately after release you need to purchase a separate Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress key. You get your own key from here.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.