Automatic Display of Share Buttons on Different Post Types, Plugins (and Automatic Deactivate of Display)

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    Selecting Post Types for Automatic Display

    To show share buttons automatically on your site, you need to select at first the post types. The default option is to show on Posts only, but you can select any of the public visible post types in WordPress (no matter they are default or custom).

    To select the post types you need to go to Where to Display -> Post Types and mark those you need to show buttons.

    If you wish to show also the share buttons on archive pages (categories, tags, author) or home page you need to check also the display on “List of articles”. 

    Display on Post Excerpts

    The setup is made to provide a share button inside the list of articles under the excerpt of each one. The option will work with those themes that implement the default excerpt generation functions of WordPress. If your theme uses a custom build function, template or builder the share buttons may not be capable to show automatically.

    Automatic Display Buttons on

    Using the field you can provide a list of a custom post or page IDs where share buttons will automatically appear, no matter the selected post types. This option is useful if you need for example to show share buttons automatically on all posts of site, but you also need to show them on one or two pages only (not all). There are additional scenarios where you can also use it.

    Automated Deactivate of Display

    The automate deactivate of the display includes a set of several options to stop the generation of share buttons (or even fully deactivate plugin). You can find all the options in Where to Display -> Deactivate Display.

    • Exclude automatic display on – automatically stop share buttons from generating on provided post or page IDs (example: select to show on all pages but you wish to deactivate display on the contact page and fill here its ID). A similar functionality you have on each post or page when you open in the editor – there is a box to deactivate the display of share buttons. This option will stop the share button generation, but still, the plugin styles for share buttons will load.
    • Deactivate the plugin on – the option works exactly like the above but it will also not load the plugin share button styles and scripts. So if exclude is mainly designed to stop the automated display when you plan to show manually buttons, this option is made to provide a full deactivation of buttons and resources.
    • Deactivate buttons display on the homepage – fully deactivate display of automatic share buttons on the homepage of the site and does not load the plugin styles and scripts for share buttons. Warning! If you plan to use share buttons on your homepage using a shortcode or page builder element with this option enabled the buttons may not display properly.
    • Deactivate the plugin on mobile – fully deactivate plugin work on mobile devices. The option will stop generating plugin components and it will not load scripts and styles. Warning! The option requires server-side mobile detection to work. If you plan to use a cache plugin on your site, consider selecting such that has a separate mobile caching support like WP Rocket.
    • Deactivate share buttons on mobile – it is the same as the deactivate plugin on mobile but it will affect only the share buttons display (other components will continue to operate).
    • Hide content share buttons from archive pages – fully deactivate only the content share buttons on archive pages (category, tag, author, etc.). All other display methods will continue to work.
    • Hide content share buttons on the homepage – fully deactivate only the content share buttons on the homepage. All other display methods will continue to work.

    Advanced Plugin Deactivate

    The advanced plugin deactivate allows stopping specific plugin components from work on a selected post or page IDs. The option works like deactivate display on, but here you can specify the deactivation of various components (the above option deactivate all at the same time). The Advanced Plugin Deactivate is located in Where to Display -> Deactivate Display

    You are able to deactivate:

    • Share buttons on selected posts and pages
    • Share buttons on selected categories
    • Native social buttons
    • Social followers counter
    • Sharable Quotes
    • On media share button display position
    • Social profiles
    • After share events
    • Social share optimization tags
    • Mobile display
    • Pinterest Pro
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