How to configure and use After Share Events to get more likes, subscribers or execute custom code [Sharing -> After Share Events]

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    The feature is available inside the current version of the plugin. The provided screenshot is from version 8.0.


    The after share events are group of actions that will start after the share command. To respect user privacy and due to social network limitations the after share events does not track the entire share process – the function track if the share window opens and stays for a while. If so on the close the event will run.

    You can activate the After Share Events from Social Sharing -> After Share Events.

    Global Options

    • Enable after share for selected networks only – allows selection for the networks where the after share will run. The default setup is to fire on any button but you can limit this to those that are important for you only.
    • Action type – choose the displayed content type when the event fires. You can choose one from the list that will work for the entire site. Each of the selection may have additional display options.

    Social Like/Follow Buttons

    The social like/follow buttons will show in the after share window a group of native social like/follow buttons. The list of supported buttons include:

    • Facebook Like button
    • Facebook Follow button
    • Twitter Follow button
    • Pinterest Follow button
    • YouTube channel subscribe
    • YouTube user subscribe
    • LinkedIn company follow
    • VKontakte page or group follow

    Be aware that this message type uses native social buttons. The native social buttons are those that each service provider with their API. Those buttons provide a one-click like/follow the action but they also may not be privacy safe. Use with caution and include that in your privacy policy. In case you wish to provide a safe experience for your visitors refer to the custom HTML code message where you can place static social profile links or static follow counter buttons with shortcode from the plugin.

    Custom HTML Message or Shortcode

    This mode allows us to include any custom HTML code, shortcode or combination of both.

    Custom Javascript Code

    This mode requires to have a piece of code knowledge in Javascript.

    The custom javascript code will fire invisible after the event is triggered. Inside the editor, you can paste your javascript code that will run. For example, you can link this to an analytics software (Google Analytics events) or other. You can access to two include variables populated from the plugin:

    • oService – the internal plugin ID of the service where event triggers. Usually, those service IDs represent a lower case name of the social network. For example, if the user clicks over the Facebook button you will get facebook as a value
    • oPostID – the ID of the post where the event is fired.

    Plugin Integrated Subscribe Form

    To use this mode you need to configure at first the plugin subscribe forms. To make this happen you should go to Subscribe forms menu and fill the access to one of the supported services. Without doing this setup you will still see the form displayed but there will be no connection with the mailing list and you won’t get new subscribers.

    If you have a custom code from another plugin or service (even shortcode) you can use it in the custom HTML code mode.

    Additional Appearance Options

    Inside additional appearance options, you can configure the message width, mobile appearance, one-time per user appearance, etc.

    • Pop up message width – correct the width of the pop-up message. The default width is 400px and if you wish to set up custom fill only a numeric value representing pixels. Example: 500
    • Display pop up message once for selected time – the message is designed to appear each time after button is pressed. As this may annoy your visitors we recommend enabling the option to show it one time. The option does not store any user information and sets a technical flag cookie – just to notify that user completes the event but without any additional information. The cookie data is not stored inside the plugin.
    • Days between pop up message display – optional you can correct the time between don’t show again flag. The default value is 7 days. In this field, you enter a numeric value that represents the number of days. Example: 14
    • Do not display after social share action for mobile devices – stop the event from firing when a mobile device is used.
    • Include after share actions code on all pages – the plugin adds code for after share events on all posts or pages where automated share buttons are used. If you use the plugins with shortcode, builder or embed inside theme the after share events may not run. This happens because the code may not present due to the optimized on-demand load of content. If so enabling this option will solve the problem.
    • Do not include after share actions code on pages where buttons are deactivated – stop the generation of after share events code if you set to deactivate the appearance of share buttons on specific posts or pages. The default setup will continue to generate


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