How to add social followers counter as a floating sidebar

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    Social followers counter can appear automatically as a floating sidebar. The social networks that appear are those you configure in the social followers counter network setup. In case you ignore this step of setup, then your followers’ sidebar won’t appear.

    To enable usage of the social followers’ counter sidebar you need to set the options in Followers Counter -> Floating Sidebar.

    • Template – this is the template, used to show the followers counter. You can choose any of the existing templates but we recommend to use the full-color background to ensure great results all the time (example: Metro).
    • Apply animation – add a hover animation to the followers floating sidebar. The animation you choose here will appear only on the sidebar.
    • Without space between buttons – the option will remove the space between buttons. They will look fully connected.
    • Choose button layout style – the style of the button depends on the result you need to achieve. The vertical button provides better design experience but you can use it with a few networks only (due to the layout). 
    • Choose a position on screen – select the position on the screen edge. If you use already another sidebar on your site (example: Share buttons), choose the opposite side.
    • Customize the width of a button – provide a custom width of the button. Buttons come with a default size but sometimes when you do a change of the text for followers, or if you use a full value, not all buttons may look the same. Use the field to correct the value – numeric values only.

    Exclude Display On

    Allow excluding the function on specific places of your website. You can limit the button by:

    • Post types – choose the post types where the button for image Pin won’t be added.
    • Deactivate on the following post IDs – exclude display on posts or pages with specific ID – example 15,20,25
    • Deactivate on the following URLs – exclude display on specific URLs of your website. One per line without the domain name. Use (.*) wildcards to address multiple URLs under a given path. Example: /profile/(.*)
    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.
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    Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.