Viral Point Display Position

Viral Point is one of our free extras for all users that have activated their plugins and validated their purchase codes. In this article, we will describe how to install and activate viral point share feature. Also, we will mention some of its specifics of work, which will help you easily decide if this social share display really fits your needs and marketing goals.

How to install Viral Point?

1. Go to Easy Social Share Buttons -> Extensions and find Display Method: Viral Point.

Viral Point Display Position 1

2. Click once on the display method – that will download Viral Point display method installation file.

Viral Point Display Position 2

3. Upload the file as usual via WodrPress uploader

Viral Point Display Position 3

4. Activate the plugin 

Viral Point Display Position 4


How to set up Viral Point?

1. Go to Easy Social Share Buttons -> Where to Display -> Positions on Site -> Positions. Choose Viral Point under Additional button display positions

Viral Point Display Position 5

2. Find Viral Point Display Position Settings and customize the point button on your taste:

Viral Point Display Position 6

* You can include call-to-action text, that will appear next to the Viral Point button.

* Choose icon      Viral Point Display Position 7

* Customize background color and text color

* Choose between 14 animations

* Activate Total Counter

* Choose the best place to locate viral point to appear

If with Viral Point Display you want to use different than default social share networks set for your site, use the CUSTOMIZE USED SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR THIS DISPLAY METHOD section. Choose the networks that will be visible only for Viral Point Display position.

The result should be share icon in one of the corners of the screen. And when position the cursor on the button social share buttons appear in the middle of the screen. Like this for example:

Like this for example:

Viral Point Display Position 8

What you need to know about Vural Point

Viral Point is thought to be used for blog style websites or for blog sections of different types of sites. It is developed to work for posts only. We have noticed that high percentage of our customers use Easy Social Share Buttons for blog style based sites. This is why we wanted to develop display method that breaks the rules about social sharing display methods and follow the functionalities typical for blogs.

Viral Point can be displayed for pages too. But can not be applied to dynamic home pages or archive pages. The reason is that it is hard to define the URL for dynamic pages, which may cause display issues. So please keep in mind that this is blog style share buttons display method, developed to work primarily with posts.


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