Working With Plugin Settings. How to Enable & Disable Features, Modules, Networks, Display Methods


👋 Welcome to Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. Happy to see you on board. We truly believe that social media plugin won’t be expensive and with high annual costs. In a single plugin, you have everything a typical WordPress site needs.

As this is an all-in-one plugin you may be scared 🤡 of the number of options or features you see. But you should not. What you don’t need can be disabled (removed).

Let’s give you a quick overview of the plugin settings component and how to use them.

Enable / Disable Different Modules

Most of the components coming with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress are in the form of internal modules. Those modules you can enable or disabled based on your needs. For example, if you don’t need integration with affiliate plugins or Instagram feed you can simply disable them.

The disabling of the module does not mean you lose it forever. It is simply stopped from running. All code blocks and resources for this module won’t run on your site. And you can enable the module in feature whenever you need it.

Enable Features from Menu

When you access the plugin settings you will find at the top bar direct access to all of the features. You will see next to the button the active features from the all.

When you press the access button you will see the list of features. When you do a change do not forget to press the Save button.

Using Additional Features Menu

To be easily the most used social features can be enabled directly from the plugin menu. In the Social Sharing group or the Social Followers, you will find Additional Features. On the screen, you will see the most popular options with a single click activation. This also does the same as the direct menu links.

Enable / Disable Social Share Networks

In Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you have access to 50+ social networks. But do you need them all? Maybe not. This is why you can easily deactivate those you don’t need. You may ask why so?

  • Deactivation of unused networks will make simplified network selection.
  • This will narrow down the networks appearing inside the more button pop-ups.
  • It will narrow down calls for share counter updates when you choose to generate a total counter based on all networks.

The deactivation of social networks you can do from the Social Sharing -> Networks -> Manage Plugin Features.

Enable / Disable Social Share Display Methods

In Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you have access to almost 30+ automated display methods. Those you don’t need can be deactivated from the menu. The benefits of disabling display methods are to make easy managing display of share buttons.

To disable methods you need to visit Where to Display -> Positions -> Manage Available Share Button Displays.